August 18, 2008

Look what we found in our driveway today!

This big guy crawled all the way from the creek at the bottom of our, er, hill, of sorts... roughly an 1/8 pf a mile away? Or maybe a quarter of a mile. I confess, I am terrible at determining distance! It takes us humans a little over five minutes to walk down there, if that helps! So he walked that.. and through tall corn as well.

Upon further scrutiny, we discovered that our guest was missing an eye!

Poor thing, he seemed a bit beat up in other places as well.

Though after watching him snap at a stick in half... and looking at those claws, he certainly doesn't seem all that defenseless!

We all oohed and ahhed, took a whole bunch of photos of our snapper, washed him off with the hose (from a safe distance, of course!), and threw some celery at him. When went back inside, he turned around and shuffled back into the corn.


  1. Turtle: No one commented about me! They don't like me!

    Me: Don't worry, they are just a little indtimidated, because of how big and strong you are!

    Turtle: So do you think they like me?

    Me: I am sure they do!

    Turtle: Then WHY is no one commenting???

    Me: Uh, Um... Like I said before.. hey! Watch those snappers! Stay, stay back!!! HELLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  2. That is so cool! I love turtles. Once at Holy Cross they found a snapping turtle bigger than that in their pond, and of course, since priests and seminarians are still...well...guys, they tried to pick it up and poked at it with a stick. When it snapped the very large stick in half, they gave up trying to pick it up...sorry for the long story.

    Very cool post! Gotta get off the computer and do something...somebody make me!

  3. Haha, I remember catching one by hand in our lake. It was..slimey, smelly, and had the awful stench of Pickle Juice! Lol I let it go in the swamp down the street; but it's scary swimming and having this pop up from the mud at the bottom of the lake! lol


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