August 2, 2008

One Day

and then the Pirates week will be over. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But there still is one day! (well.... two, actually! Today and tomorrow!) So let's make it a blast shall we?

So, for today's first post (maybe only, we'll see..) I am going to put up a bunch of my favorite movie clips. Not all of them by any means (that'd be most of the three movies!) but a few. Enough to keep ye entertained, savvy?

First off:

The grand duel between Jack and Will from the first movie.

The Tortuga fight. (Love the music! And the hat switching. "Time to go?" "Aye!")

My absolute favorite scene from Pirates 2, in two parts.

"Up is down. Well that is just maddeningly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?"
I do believe that explains this next clip!

And the scene after the credits in Pirates of the Caribbean 3. (Yay! He get's to meet his dad!!!!)

And because I love the song, but don't overly care for the scene:
One Day (music only)

And then, because I love this song as well, "Drink up Me Hearties"
(It's the credit song, not the actual 'Yo Ho Yo Ho' thing. =)

~ Captain Fox Turner

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