November 4, 2009


So in addition to appointing myself Official NaNoWriMo Cheerleader on the Forum (along with Ella)
and NaNoWriMo Psychiatrist (for those writers who need to rant, sob, complain, vent and kill someone)
I have invented a November activity for moi, called "PePoWriMo". PePoWriMo stands for Personal Poetry Writing Month. It's 'personal' and not 'national', because well... I'm the one doing it. ;)

The goal I've set for myself is to write on poem every day for the month of November, all about different topics, and trying to use a wide variety of poetry styles! I started yesterday, so I've got one poem written. I haven't written today's poem yet.

This event was inspired by Lanta asking me if I wrote a lot of poetry, me answering no, her commenting that that was sad, and me agreeing with her. So by the end of November I shall have at least 28 poems! I'll try and post all or most of them up here for any who are interested to read.

Here is my poem from yesterday.

All Soul's Day

The dead were dead and laying still, in
Cold caskets buried beneath the grim ground.
No record was there of virtue or sin,
They lay forgotten, no mourners around.

'Tis only their bodies that lay there so still
The soul of Life is departed and gone.
Waiting are they with hope, waiting until
Kind prayers should free them from Purg'tories bond.

Yet no prayer is said for all those who wait,
No please is uttered, they are forgotten.
Denied the joys of Heaven that is their fate,
Suffering on their own, no helping friend.

Remember them in prayer, say one today.
Loved ones may forget, forgotten are they.


  1. Lovely! I guess I'll have to check in every day so I can read them !!

  2. PePoWriMo! I love it! That is actually awesome. I doubt I could write a poem everyday 'n all.

    Awesome blog!



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