November 23, 2009

Poll results

It's been a week since my anniversary and the polls are closed, so I shall post the results here before deleting said poll. Thanks to all who voted!

So by first looking at the results of the second poll, we see that
  • 23 people think my blog is great, and love reading it. (Yay! I think so too. ;) )
  • 9 people think that it's a nice blog (I would have to agree with them.)
  • And 0 people didn't like it at all! (Which is very encouraging, because that means people are only reading this if they want to! )
Next we have the first poll second. =) Wherein I asked the question every blogger needs to know "What do you like the most about my blog?"
  • 9 people prefer the serious stuff
  • 25 people like the funny stuff (We love to laugh!)
  • Only 5 people like the devotional posts the best
  • 24 people enjoy the weird, random and unexpected things (Yes, I rather like those myself.)
  • And 13 people like the lovely music you have playing

Well, those are the results and I shall do my best to keep your interests in mind! Thank you all for voting!

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