November 14, 2009

5 Quick Takes Saturday - Vol 22

~ 1 ~
I love country music. And country music artists. While some of them can get a bit off track - as do the majority of entertainers - for the most part country singers have their heads on straight. Carrie Underwood for example. We had on the radio last night and at the time Carrie had called in to be on the show and listeners were calling in and asking questions. One caller asked, "What do you see yourself doing in 5-10 years?"
It was so refreshing to hear Carrie respond that she was just going to wait and see what God had planned for her, because if you plan out your future you might miss something that you should be doing. So great to hear from a rising country star!

~ 2 ~

Here is the poem that I wrote yesterday for PePoWriMo. It's a terzanelle, a cross between a villanelle and a terza rima. It's fun to write!

Why must you go away my love?
It is more than my heart can bear.
Why must you go away my love?

Aren't we our lives supposed to share?
Don't go and leave me all alone,
It is is more than my heart can bear.

What will I do when you aren't home?
The thought of it makes me afraid,
Don't go and leave me all alone.

Don't make us wish that you had stayed,
What if something happens to us?
The thought of it makes me afraid.

You know sometimes it's hard to trust
That everything will be alright.
What if something happens to us?

I will wait for you this long night.
Why must you go away my love?
As from my eyes the tears I fight.
Why must you go away my love?

~ 3 ~

I just realized that I haven't shared my tragic Itallian love poem with you! Shame on me!

Lament for Ravioli
I made my ravioli, so
Plump and so smooth. In the pot I
Set it to cook, my lovely dough.
Could I’ve known I must say good-bye?

For the phone rang and I forgot
All about my simmering pot.
My ravioli’d burst, ‘twas gone.
I shall as well ‘fore very long.

You see, this form of poetry is called a rispetto, and is an Italian form. I wanted to write something depressing, but the more I thought of it, I just couldn't! I mean, Italian's just aren't depressing people! So I decided I must write a love poem, which would be fitting. But about what exactly? While I was thinking, I randomly mentioned how the thought of ravioli was just filling my mind during Mass that morning... and a depressing Italian love poem resulted.

~ 4 ~

While this next quick take may seem more like something you'd read on Random Profound Thoughts, I assure you I am totally serious about this.

So I have realized that I never enlightened my dear readers on the new term for cute guys! (That you don't want to date).

It all stemmed from a discussion I had with some friends of mine. My one friend (Friend A) drew a super amazing picture of Ben Barnes. Now Friend B and I saw it and were "Oh my gosh, he is so CUTE!!!!" However, Friend C didn't seem to like that, rolling her eyes and saying we sounded just like the girls at the highschool she has to take some classes at.

Now, we tried to tell her that you can in fact say that a random guy or actor is cute in an objective manner, without meaning you have a crush or are all fangirly or whatever. Cute is just an alternative adjective. If you say "cute" instead of "handsome" or "good looking", then you say "cute" instead of "handsome" or "good looking!" (and to be honest, saying "cute" is way more fun then saying "good looking") Well, Friend C wasn't having any of it.

So I mentioned this to Lanta the other night, and her remedy was that we just needed to come up with another word. At first she picked "gory"(cute=hunk, hunk= hunky dory, dory sounds like gory). Then, after Lanta, my sisters Yaviel and Kathleen and I had a bubble/Shakespearian conversation, I had the brilliant idea that cute guys are - bubbles!

And there you have it. Cute guys are bubbles.

~ 5 ~

One last long - er, quick, take. My sisters and I came up with some 'song albums' by LotR characters....

Title: Evenstar
Label: Rivendell Records
Release Date: May 1st, 2951 of the Third Age
Producer: Aragorn son of Arathorn
Genre: Vocal
Track Listing:
Im Arwen
Come and Claim Him
Crownless Shall Be King
Mine to Give
A Mortal Life
Ode to Eowyn (Aragorn is Mine)
What Did You See?
My Choice
One Last Time
If I Leave Him Now
Gerich Meleth Nin
My Child
Bonus Track: I Can’t Wait ‘Till He’s King
Critic Review: This latest Arwen release is a joy to the elvish ear… a glistening waterfall of sound, cascading melodies and flowing rhythm. Both her instrumentals (like Longsleeves) and vocals (The amazing Ode to Eowyn, for example) are pinnacles of her genre. Alas, this glistening gem is marred by one fatal flaw… her rather jarring break from her typical style into a rocking “I Can’t Wait ‘Till He’s King.” We suspect it is a parody of another popular song. ~ Noteriel

Title: Sons of Stewards
Label: Whitetree
Release Date:
Producer: Denethor
Genre: Country Western
Track Listing:
A Dream
Losing a Brother
Give it To Me
Not with 10,000 Men
Then it is Forfeit
I See Your Mind
If I Should Return
Gondorian Soldier
Courtesy of the White Tree, Yahoo
Just a Ring
Wraiths Fly By
Critic Review: The Sons of Stewards make a smashing break into the world of Country Music with their title release album. Lead singers Boromir and Faramir wow the crowds with their uptempo and heartfelt songs. Singing both solos and duets, these brothers belt out stirring song after stirring song. From Boromir’s Toby-Kieth-like ‘Courtesy of the White Tree, Yahoo!’ to Faramir’s ‘Wraiths Fly By’ to their duet ‘Gondorian Soldier’, the Sons of Stewards will have you coming back for more! - Musicorn


Title: Away
Label: Bigfeet
Release Date: November 3rd, 1419 in S.R. of the Third Age
Producer: Bilbo Baggins
Genre: Rock
Track Listing:
Sweet Home Hobbiton
Fool of a Took
Ash on my Tomatoes
Shortcut to Mushrooms
Worth Fighting For
Long Walk
Little People, Big Deeds
Stinker ‘n’ Slinker
Spiders, Orcs and Wraiths (Oh My!)
Talking Trees
It’s the Ring
Closer to Danger, Further from Harm
I’m Hungry
Bonus Track: Potato Rap
Critic Review: The Hobbit’s have done it again. Their latest album Away is another thumping good time in the Shire, filled with toe-tapping music from start to finish. One album you won’t want to miss. - Stac Cato

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  1. Bwahahahahahahaha! Those 'records' are fantastic!!! May I repost them on my blog? Please? :D


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