November 3, 2009

Halloween Pictures!

For Halloween this year we didn't go trick-or-treating (colds and we don't need the candy, alas). No, instead Kathleen, Yaviel, my mom and my sister whom I STILL haven't come up with a nickname for did something much more fun... went to go see a play of "The Hobbit!" It was soooo cool, and very well done!

In honor of the occasion, Yavi, Kathleen and I dressed up. :)

I am the hobbit, Yaviel is the elf and Kathleen is a woman from LakeTown. (I couldn't convince her to be a dwarf...) Yaviel being taller than me came in handy for once, as it made me look more like a hobbit when I stood next to her.

Since I was being a hobbit, of course I had to curl my hair! I took too long to do the first half (or else started too late) and so I was frantically finishing the second half ten minutes before we had to leave. It turned out very curly...

And so that, my dear people, is how I celebrated Halloween this year.

Ps. In case you were wondering, I dressed as Servant of God Rose Hawthorne for All Saints Day, but I don't have pictures. :P


  1. Oh, you look so pretty, Rose! And yay, I'm not the only girl whose 13-year-old sister is taller than her! ;)

  2. Aw! You look so pretty, Rose!!! I thought you were a gypsy at first. ;) You make a very sweet Hobbit. Tell Yavi and Megan that they both look very pretty, too.

  3. AWWWWW! You're a hobbit, you're a hobbit!!!!!!! :D :D You all look so purty!!!!! :D :D Awesomness! :)

  4. Very sweet photos!

    Did we not take any of us together at the saints party??? We broke tradition!! =o



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