February 24, 2010

Lenten Quote

Our monks go robed in rain and snow, But the heart of flame therein, But you go clothed in feasts and flames, When all is ice within; Nor shall all iron dooms make dumb Men wondering ceaselessly, If it be not better to fast for joy Than feast for misery.
~ G.K. Chesterton, "The Ballad of the White Horse

Doesn't that last phrase just sum up the mentality of Lent?  We are not fasting with sackcloth and ashes on the street corners, proclaiming our sufferings like the Pharisees. Instead we are fasting with a joy given to us by Christ, because we know that we would not have this time of penance and prayer if He had not died to save us.  It is much better to be fasting with joy now - though it is hard sometimes - then to be ignorant of lent and feasting away with misery in our hearts.

February 14, 2010

Just in Time For Valentine's Day!

Wondering what to do today without a special someone?  Have a special someone and need a romantic movie to watch?  Ever wondered what the deal was with Chastity Rings?  Find out all that and MORE in the new Issue of Ink and Fairydust!

February 13, 2010

week in Femenine Hair and Dress Day 7 - Yaviel's

*sniffs* Tis the last day! Oh well!

Today's Outfit: A red skirt (Yes I know I wore it already this week but today I have to wear it. A white blouse and black felt vest. 'Tis my St. Faustina club outfit and seeing as today is the annual Faustina club dinner and you're supposed to wear your Faustina club outfit I have to wear it! :D


Hair: Pulled back in a rose barret! Simple but I love having my hair that way!

week in Femenine Hair and Dress Day 6 - Yaviel's

So Sorry! I didn't have time to post yesterdays outfit yesterday! But here it is now!

Today's Outfit: Quite a bit more formal than the other days but hey! I was going to a regency tea party! Anyway about the outfit.... The blouse I was borrowing from Rose, (no idea where she got it from!) and the dress was an 8$ find at a thrift store! (gotta love those!!)

Hair: A bun with two curls.




It was sooo cold!!!!

February 12, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair ~ Day 6

I'm a bit more formal today, because I'm going to a Regency Party at my friends house!
Today's Outfit
Dress - My dress was a bridesmaid's gown that my mom wore for my aunt's wedding.  It was a little big on me, and the top came down pretty low, so I took it in a bit and made a new bodice!
Jewelry - My earrings are small crystal drop earrings that I found at a clothing exchange, I got my pearl necklace with the cross for my First Holy Communion.
Shawl - My silver shawl was from Wal-Mart.  I love these things!


My Hair - I did a Recency-style today with two curls in front, a bun in back (held in place by my handy hair-net!) and a few curls beneath.


February 11, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair and Dress Day 5 - Yaviel's

Today's Outfit: A navy blue wool skirt with a green and purple stripes in the pleats. and My white shirt!

Hair: Just a braid off to the side with ribbon in it!

Week in Feminine Hair ~ Day 5

Today insane little me decided to take my photographs out in 20 degree weather!  It was COLD!
Today's Outfit
Shirt - Today I'm wearing a lovely flowered blouse (originally from Land's End) that I got at Goodwill.  It's one of my favorites, with tiny little flowers, a collar and ruffles on the front.
Skirt - This isn't just any skirt - it's a part!  What is a part? You beg to know?   Well, "part" is the name I came up with for a skirt that both pants and a skirt!  It's great for climbing and running around.
Jewelry: For today I put on another pair of heart earring and a mock cameo broach.
Scarf - My red scarf (I do love that shade of red) was from either Wall-Mart or Khols, but I think it was from Khols.  It works well for either a scarf or a shawl.

My hair - Today I put my hair up in two lace braids, joined in the back with my gold barrette.  A lave braid is very simple, it's just like the regular French braid, only you pull hair from just the outside, instead of both sides.

February 10, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair ~ Day 4

Today's Outfit
Shirt - I'm not sure what these shirts are called - they've got to have a name - but I call them collage shirts.  I got this one for Christmas, and I absolutely love it.  It's purple and cream and blues and greens with pretty snowflakes, elegant script and shiny dodaddy thingys.  The best part about it is it goes with blue, green, pink, purple and tan skirts!

Skirt - My skirt is an olive green with tan embroidery that I bought from Blair a few years ago.  It's flowy and comfortable and great for wearing both around the house and out and about.
Jewelry - Today I'm wearing silver wide mini-hoops, and my rose/miraculous medal necklace a friend bought for me in Rome.

Hair - Today I went with a pony-tail.  I think that, if done properly, ponytails can be pretty as well as feminine.  I don't mean the kinds where it looks like the girl slept with the pony tail in and half of it is falling out, or there are lumps of hair sticking up all over her head like some brunette mountain range, but a well done ponytail when you've actually taken the extra minute to brush the top of your head so it is flat!  It really doesn't take that much extra time and it looks sooooo much more feminine!
Sorry, that's a pet peeve of mine.  ;)
So nicely done ponytails are cute and casual, throw in a scrunchy, bow, or cute ribbon and tada! 

Week in Feminine Hair and Dress Day 4 - Yaviel's

 Today's Outfit: A teal shirt, which I got from Rose, and my denim skirt that I made about two years ago.

Hair: Five braids pulled together in the back. (hairdo courtesy of Kathleen)


February 9, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair and Dress Day 3 - Yaviel's

Today's Outfit: The shirt is layered black sweater over a white blouse (though it's pre-made layers) Skirt: burgundy one from the mall! 
Hat: My all time fav hat from my darling "auntie" Jo!

Hair: Some braided headband thingy do that Rose did!


Week in Feminine Hair - Day 3

Today's Style
Shirt - Today I'm wearing a lovely loose fitting blouse that I received for Christmas.  I love the layered look (yes, it's all one piece) and I love the color.
Skirt - Today's skirt is a navy blue knee-length skirt that I commandeered from my sister last year and never gave back.  It's cute and goes with a lot!
Jewelry - I'm modeling my cute Effiel Tower earrings, a dainty necklace with silver roses and a braided purple bracelet.  

Today I went simple with my hairstyle.  Wearing your hair down can look simple, elegant and feminine all at the same time.  Throw in a cute headband, headscarf or ribbon and you're good to go!

February 8, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair and Dress Day 2 - Yaviel's

Today's Outfit:
A pink "Alaska" shirt, and my favorite tan skirt, that I wear all the time :D

Hair: A braid bun, and believe it or not I actually did it myself!

Week in Feminine Hair Day 2

Today's Outfit
Shirt: One of my all time favorite sweaters, a dip-dyed bright pink sweater from Christopher and Banks.  I love it and wear it alot.
Skirt: One of my favorite thrift-store finds, a straight denim skirt.  It's nice and long, perfect for cold weather and I can dress it up and down.
Socks: Okay, so I'll mention my fluffly purple socks, because I forgot I was wearing them.   I love them, they keep my feet warm and stay on better than slippers.
Jewelry: My Saint Francis and Clare medal a friend bought for me in Assisi, and heart earrings!

Now for me hair...
Today I am wearing what I have christened "The Emma", after my lovely and elegant friend whom I first saw it on.  It works great for shoulder length hair!

So, how to do it...

First, one does two french braids, or, if they know not how to do french braids, claims the assistance of one's friend/sister/mother.
(Did I mention this is also figure out how to take a picture of yourself month? ;) )
Once one has that down, one next takes the tail of hair, fold it under the braid so it won't show, and then pin the braid up.

After one repeats with the other side and throws in a few mini-octopus clips for added support, viola!  You can add a crocheted flower, as I did, or a real flower, barrette, ribbon, bow, etc. etc. etc!

Week in Feminine Hair and Dress Day 1 - Yaviel's

Hi everybody! This is Yaviel! My darling sister Rose, has kindly allowed me to post my photos of my outfits and hair styles on her blog. Thanks for letting me do this Rose!

I wasn't home yesterday so here is day 1, and you'll get day 2 later.

Day 1:

Outfit: A black blouse, from Unique along with a red skirt with a black paisley design on it (also from Unique).

Hair: I wore my hair down and pulled back into a headband. It's a very simple hairstyle :D and I keep my hair that way a lot!


February 7, 2010

Week in Feminine Hair Day 1

Today starts the week in Feminine Hair Styles, hosted by my lovely friend Victoria

Today I woke up early and decided to curl my hair.  I enjoy curling, because it holds a curl so well!  I'm nearly alone in that regard in my family, as only one other sister and my mom are the only one's with hair that will actually curl!

Before I curled it though, I put it in two half-french braids, securing them with two pony-tail holders.

My Outfit for Today
Top: A turquoise sweater with a v-neckline, embellished with beading.  I believe I got this from Christopher and Banks.
Skirt: A knee-length mole-skin (why do they call it that?) skirt, with a lovely scalloped edge and decorative bead work.  
Shoes: Black heels (my first pair ever) from Payless Shoe Store.
Jewelry: Aquamarine heart on a silver chain from my grandma and blue crystal drop earrings.