August 29, 2008


My "niece" Delaney had this on her blog, and since it looked fun and I had nothing else to post, I thought I would do it as well!

1. Time: 1:56

2. Name: Amanda

3. Nicknames: Lady Rose, Rose, Mamma Rose, Evil Henchman, nut. (You know, as in "you are such a nut!" =) oh... and Captain Fox Turner!

4. What is the most recent movie you've seen in the theater: Prince Caspian. Yikes! So long ago, and then, only once! Alas! But there really hasn't been anything else worth seeing.

5. Eye color: Brown

6. Place of birth: a hospital. ;)

7. Favorite NEW foods: Same as Delaney... what in the world are NEW foods? I suppose food that was made today? As opposed to old food that was made a week ago? Well, in that case... grilled cheese. We made it 1/2 hour ago.

8. Ever been to Africa: No. Much rather go to Middle-Earth.

9. Been in a car accident?: No, thank goodness!

10. Croutons or bacon bits: Bacon bits

11. Favorite day of the week: Sunday. A day of rest, quiet and religion.

12. Favorite restaurants: Ooh, this is a toughie... wait, no it isn't. Greek Islands!

13. Favorite Flower: Pansies. My childhood sweetheart.

14. Favorite sport to watch: Football. It's the only game where I know what is happening.

15. Favorite drink? Root beer, and water. Water is good. "What about port?" "I prefer rum. Rum is good." "No! MAKING port, where we can get rum." (Doncha just love pirates?)

16. Favorite ice cream: cookie dough! Without chocolate chips. Then, vanilla.

17. Disney or Warner Brothers: Eh, Warner Brother's is better, I suppose. But then... Disney helped make Narnia! And Pirates! And Enchanted! And National Treasure?

18. Favorite fast food restaurant: Wendy's

19. What color is your bedroom carpet: Off white. Bleh.

20. Which store would you choose to Max out your credit card this week? Am not in the possesion of a bankruptcy-debt card (aka credit card) but it would definitely by Barnes and Nobles! Or any bookstore for that matter.

21. What do you do most often when you are bored? Sigh. And sigh. And sigh some more. And walk around. And sigh.

22. Bedtime: 9:30 PM, approx.

23. Favorite TV shows: Little House on the Prairie

24. Person you are going to have dinner with: My family, with the addition of my cousin Cinderella, and the subtraction of my two brothers.

25. Favorite Car: Isabella. Our little car. Or if you mean brands? Er, how about a mustang? Or a Ford?

26. What are you listening to right now: My sister, "Camel Dalma" reading to Rosebud and Cinderella. (No those are not their real names! Security code, wot wot!)

27. What is your favorite color: Blues, greens and purples, but purple only because I would scandalize people if I didn't say that.

28. How many pets do you have: Pets? No pets. Just pests.

29. What are you doing this weekend? Going to my cousin's 5th b-day party, and hosting a Labor Day campout at our house!

30. Favorite book: Currently? Oh, this is hard... er, either Gods and Generals or Martin the Warrior or Black as Night.

31. What is your middle name: I am sorry, I can't give that info away. Computer security, doncha know? ;) *calls over shoulder* Is that better?

32. Who is your favorite author(s): J.R.R. Tolkien, Jeff Shaara, Jane Austen, Regina Doman, Alexandre Dumas and Brian Jacques.

33. Favorite music to listen to (artists, style, etc.): Country! Josh Turner, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift, Alan Jackson, Rascal Flatts, Carrie Underwood, Kieth Urban, others whom I can't remember right now. I like soundtracks as well: Gods and Generals, Gettysburg, The Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Phantom of the Opera, Pirates of the Caribbean, Miss Potter. In other genera: I like Celtic Women. Josh Groban is fine, but I don't listen to him, because I have none of his CD's, George Winston is good (pianist.) Anything dramatic I love, which is why soundtracks are my favorite genera for non singing listening. When I feel like singing.. nothin' beats Country!

August 27, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera


Music of the Night

All I Ask of You

Think of Me

The Phantom of the Opera. This one is THE best!

And of course, I just had to put the Overture on here! It is sooo neat the way they do it! There is a bit before the music starts, so if you don't want to watch all of the talking, go to 4:11 minutes and start there.

Odd 'n Ends

What have ye all been doin' lately? I thought I'd finally post on here, and take the time to tell you the story of my life. =D Ok, so only the last two weeks, er, one week. We'll see what I can come up with.

So, last week I finished sewing a new dress! It is very pretty, a cream background with rows of little roses and ivy. Simplicity 5189 pattern, about ankle length, short sleeves and a nice semi-full skirt. Rectangular-ish neck with lace that I added to "fill it in" a bit. Maybe I'll wear it next year for the summer week-in-feminine dress, or maybe some other photograph-able event shall scurry in before the summer's out that I can wear it for and put photos of it on here... if you want to see it, that is. =)

Then, I assisted my mum in getting together her Organizational workshop that she test ran on some other homeschooling mothers in our area, and had a wonderful time watching the kids while she gave it. We had a blast... and played "Cinderella" about 6 times, half the time I was the wicked stepmother! Apparently they thought I did a good job. Wonder where they would get that idea?

And then I saw the Phantom of the Opera!!!!!!!!!!! (Movie version). I loved it! The songs are so beautiful, mysterious, dark and thrilling! I love listening to them over and over and over and over and over and... I'd probably stop there. They just send chills up your spine at times! My friends are letting me borrow the Original Cast Recording (with Sarah Brightman and Michael Crawford) and comparing the two versions... I think Sarah Brightman is the best Christine ever, but Emmy Rossum is nearly as good, and I like Gerard Butler much better than Michael Crawford, in which I find I am nearly alone. Admittedly Crawford can sing better than Butler, but Butler's voice is deeper, and closer to how I imagined the Phantom to sound, and plus, I think Butler's slightly flawed singing fits the Phantom character, and provides a nice contrast with the perfect sounding voice of Raoul. Speaking of whom, I like the movie Raoul much better then the musical Raoul. The MR's voice is just too deep and old sounding.
For those of you who would like to compare the different people, the OCR music is in the player at the bottom of the box, and I shall try to post movie clips of the songs either today or tomorrow. In both versions though, the Overture is breathtaking!!!! A must listen! (And it is even cooler to watch! So I shall try and find that as well.)

Friday, we all trekked up to Michigan where my grandparents own a weekend home on a lake. My family hasn't been there in eight years, due to the last four young 'uns and the deck being nearly directly over the water. I found it smaller than I remembered, which can be explained by the fact that I was 8 than, and 16 now, and thus, smaller. They did managed to get rid of all the dreaded wasps though! And no Mayflies in the water, which I remember from my childhood. Ugh! I hated those things! Saturday was spent swimming in the water, kayaking (!!!!!!!!) going for a speed boat ride and attempting to ski.

I love canoing, and kayaking was just as much fun. The speed boat was unsettling at first, when you consider that in the eight years since my last visit I'd been in a speed boat about 2 times. But after a once around the lake I was used to it again. Skiing now, that could have been interesting. My sister Yaviel tried it, almost got up and then quit. =P The first time I tried, I got yanked over the front of the skis and whacked me poor auld ankle. Ouch. The second time I got yanked over again and pulled me poor auld arm. Ouch. So since my arm was hurtin' I didn't do it anymore, and my dad got up for the first time again in 9 years and would have done excellently... if the speed boat was younger. Poor auld thing, it couldn't go quite fast enough any more... and when we tried to do that fast spurt to pull the skier out of the water, it kept dying on the first two tries every time. My left arm hurt mildly for a couple of hours than "poof!" it was fine. An hour or so later, right arm began to hurt, and it hurt like the dickens!!! From my elbow all the way down into my palm. It felt like I had a combination of a bad headache, growing pains, and that tingle feeling you get after your arm wakes up from falling asleep. Thankfully, after several hours that went away as well.

The next day Capn' Coon and I teemed up - in person!!!!!!!!!!!!! We "set sail" at her house =D along with Cap'n Elizabeth Swann, their friend Anna Marie, the Cap'n's brother Cap'n Wolfgang Barbossa (he can sound JUST like him.. and Will too!) and my siblings Miss Kitty Gibbs, and Cap'n Tiger Teauge. The rest of our siblings came along as well... with a Camel Dalma and Snail Fang in there somewhere. We had a blast, playing ping pong all over the basement, listening to the Phantom, playing Fusion Tag and the detective game. (Thank you Miss March and sister for teaching that to us at your cousins house!)

While at the Black Pearl, Cap'n Coon introduced me to this hysterical song, entitled "I'm My Own Grandpa." Listen to it, it's the best!

Too funny... and confusing! It actually makes sense when you read the lyrics...

So this week is being spent starting school (Junior now!) and getting ready for the annual county fair. I somehow signed my self up for 15 projects... ahhh! But 3/4 of them are photographs, so all I need to do is get those enlarged and come up with captions. I still have a skirt to sew and a shawl to finish... and I think the rest are done. (Sure hope so!) The benefit to entering so many projects is that you are bound to win at least a few ribbons, which means more Christmas shopping money! Always a good thing. Billy Currington is supposed to be there Friday night, and I really want to go listen to him! I've never been to a country concert before, and I like his songs, so that would be fun. My favorite is what we've termed "The Turnip Green Song", but is really called "Good Directions". It's a great song. If you decide to click on the link, a few notes. In the video I found, that's Currington's voice, but the guy in the video isn't him. Still the song though!
Speaking of country music swings... you know how people are always saying "If you play country music backwards, blah blah blah..." and you know what! Someone actually wrote a song about it! Country singer band Rascal Flatts, called "Backwards". Ya might want to look it up sometime, it's funny! (There is even a POTC YouTube version out there...)

So what else should I blabber on about to this empty web? *gasp* Wait! Is the Forum Ball today? Yikes! I sure hope not.... better check that out!

Oh yeah, went to the eye doctors today. Vision hasn't really changed as in, it isn't worse it is just different. Right eye is still the same, but the stigmatism of the left eye is worse while the near-sightedness of the left eye has gotten better so the two balance each other out. OK then... however, I do have focusing problems, which they noted last year. i.e. I get "hung up" going from far to near, and then from near to far. Can't say that I wasn't surprised. So, I have to try reading without glasses and doing close work w/o them as well (easy, since I am near-sighted) in order to prevent my having to get bifocals, which apparently I don't want to do until I am at least 30. After hearing that bifocals are hard to get used to, some people never do, and while getting used to them people can get dizzy/sick... I think I want to avoid those!

NEWS!!!!!!!!! Elenatintil is heading a movie production of "The Shadow of the Bear", yes, the beloved book by Regina Doman! *runs screaming around the room* YAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I encourage everyone to visit the movie blog and to offer her all the love, prayers and support you can. I have complete trust in Elena, and I feel that she will do a marvelous job with this. You have one very strong vote of confidence behind you Big "Sister"!

Well, that is about it for now! The Phantom videos will becoming up soon!

"Could not contact Saving and publishing may fail. Retrying..."

Argh!!!!! *whacks computer*

August 18, 2008

Look what we found in our driveway today!

This big guy crawled all the way from the creek at the bottom of our, er, hill, of sorts... roughly an 1/8 pf a mile away? Or maybe a quarter of a mile. I confess, I am terrible at determining distance! It takes us humans a little over five minutes to walk down there, if that helps! So he walked that.. and through tall corn as well.

Upon further scrutiny, we discovered that our guest was missing an eye!

Poor thing, he seemed a bit beat up in other places as well.

Though after watching him snap at a stick in half... and looking at those claws, he certainly doesn't seem all that defenseless!

We all oohed and ahhed, took a whole bunch of photos of our snapper, washed him off with the hose (from a safe distance, of course!), and threw some celery at him. When went back inside, he turned around and shuffled back into the corn.


This is my 200th post!!!!!!

Posts! I love posts! Drinks all around!!!!!!!!!!

And that is a WHAT?????

Ok, I want you all to look at these photos and try and guess what this building is before finding out the shocking truth. Try and remember what you thought it was before you found out and tell me in the comment box! (We found this via e-mail.)

New Cook County Correctional Center, Chicago , Illinois

( I guess if I ever break the law, I'd better do it in Illinois !

Homeless people should have it so good! Once again the taxpayer gets stung.

It also shows that in most cases the quality of life for prisoners has improved considerably from what you might expect. And I always thought prison was for punishment.!!!!!

Just in case you ever get these two environments mixed up, this comparison chart should make things a little bit clearer:


You spend most of your time in a 10X10 cell


You spend most of your
time in a 6X6 cubicle


You get three fully paid for meals a day


You get a break for one meal
, and you have to pay for it


For good behavior, you get time off


For good behavior,
you get more work


The guard locks and unlocks all the doors for you


You must carry a security card
and open all the doors yourself


You can watch TV and play games


You could get fired for watching
TV and playing games


You get your own toilet


You have to share the toilet with
people who pee on the seat


They allow your family and friends to visit


You aren't even supposed
to speak
to your family


All expenses are paid by the taxpayers with no work required on your part


You must pay all your expenses to go to work, and they deduct taxes from your salary to pay for prisoners


You spend most of your life inside bars wanting to get out


You spend most of your time wanting to get out and go inside bars


You must deal with sadistic wardens


They are called managers
/ Supervisor


Good heavens, what is this world coming to!

August 14, 2008

Watership Down

One night, a strange board appears near the Sandleford Warren and the lives of the rabbits who live there will never be the same. A small, young rabbit named Fiver feels a sense of coming danger for the warren and he along with his older brother Hazel attempt to warn the Chief Rabbit. When the warning falls on deaf ears, the two decide they must set out on their own, along with any who come with.

The night after they found the board, Hazel and Fiver set out along with nine others. Bigwig, a fierce fighter and his friend Silver; Blackberry, who shows ingenuity; Dandelion, who's abilities as a story teller come in handy more then once; Buckthorn, Hawkbit, Pipkin, Speedwell and Acorn. Their goal is to get far away and start a new life.

The way is fraught with dangers but they are lead ever onward by Hazel, whom the other's soon begin to look up to as one with a great capacity for leadership. Hazel himself is inspired to keep going by Fiver's visions of a tall hill, somewhere, that would be their new home.

Finally, they find it. It is a tall hill, just as Fiver saw, affording a look out for mile around. Any elil - enemies of the rabbits - would be spotted before they reached the warren. Now, the facts are that bucks - male rabbits - don't dig warrens. But when they find abandoned holes the rest are soon persuaded into excavating them further and turning them into burrows.

Once finished, the rabbits have a bit of time to relax and Hazel brings forward a problem that had been on his mind. There are no does, no female rabbits. Without them, due to the dangerous life of a rabbit, the newly built warrens will be empty within a few years. Here begins the major conflict of the story.

The rabbits befriend an injured gull named Kehaar. Once recovered, he scouts out the land for the rabbits. He reports that a farm down near the bottom of the Down has rabbit hutches there and two days away is another large warren. By now, the original eleven have been joined by three more. Hazel sends four of them out to find the warren and bring back any does that are willing, while the remaining ten stay behind.

The mission won't be as easy as they thought. What these rabbits don't know is that the other warren is the Efrafa. The Efrafa are a large warren of rabbits, ruled over by the General Woundwort. The rules there are exceedingly strict and any rabbit who attempts to leave is punished severely, even with their lives.

The four are taken into Efrafa, where they talk to some of the does and discover just what they are dealing with. Realizing that any mass escape would be fruitless, the four barely escape back to Watership Downs to report their findings.

The rabbits mull over this new information and debate about what to do. Hazel proposes another attempt, which is received... not very well by the rabbits who have seen what the Efrafa can do. Backed by Fiver's certainty that there is no impending danger, Hazel's authority wins out, and by his direction, Blackberry formulates a plan which is known only to Hazel, Bigwig and himself. Eleven rabbits set out to accomplish what seems those staying behind, a nearly impossible task.

How they fulfill their mission, return the the warren and defeat the Efrafa once and for all is an intense and exciting adventure that will keep you hooked until the last climactic battle.

One thing I particularly enjoyed where the little facts about rabbits scattered here and there, as well as the realism of it. These rabbits act like rabbits. They eat grass, with an occasional treat of lettuce and carrot here and there. They need the does to continue the life of the warren, not because they are "in love". And these are not some brave, bold rabbits who fear nothing, they are very real rabbits who's first instinct is to fly in fear from any danger, and they do rather frequently. Only in a few instances and with extreme difficulty are they able to remain in one spot in the face of danger (from non-rabbits, that is). Those rabbits they encounter who are not afraid of anything are different, do not lead normal lives nor do they lead happy ones. They are feared rather than trusted.

Also of great enjoyment are the 'folk-tales' interspersed amongst the main plot. They are about El-ahrairah, a hero figure for the rabbits and are amusingly reminiscent of the Brer Rabbit stories.

Watership Down was rather good, easy to understand and exciting to read. I wouldn't recommend this for younger readers though due to it's approximately 500 page length. But for older readers who can handle longer books, this classic is a must read.

August 12, 2008

A Note from Our Pastor

My Dear People,

This coming Friday is a Holy Day of Obligation, the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Over the last 40 years the bishops and priests have become painfully aware that the Catholic people we are shepherding do not see Holy Days of Obligation as very important. The Bishops have moved some of these feasts to Sunday so the people will be exposed to the mystery being celebrated. Ascension Thursday is a good example. Because this feast fell on a Thursday, people didn't think it important to attend. The result is that we have members of the community who never celebrated this great feast with the community. We now celebrate Ascension Thursday on Sunday.

"But Father, I work." If you are working at both the 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM Mass times [the mass times for our parish], that is an excuse, unless you are willing to talk to your boss or manager to come in a little late or leave a little early. Most of our bosses don't even know we are Catholic. The group that cannot make either time is small. Then people give a list of things that are obviously more important than gathering with the community and hearing God's Word and Breaking Bread together.

The Church still believes that not attending Mass on Holy Days of Obligation is a serious matter which requires the Sacrament of Reconciliation to get ourselves back on the track that leads to the Lord.

I have had people ask why we do this for a feast like the Assumption. The Assumption is a unique tenet of our Catholic faith. Gathering on a special day to celebrate a unique belief draws attention from those around us and invites them to ponder this wonderful mystery.

Please join us THIS Friday and celebrate the uniqueness of our Catholic Faith.

May the Lord continue to bless each of you and your families.

- Fr. Tom

Fr. Tom is the new pastor of the parish I attend, the replacement for Fr. Ariel, who - if you remember my mentioning - was sadly was moved far away. I am excited about Fr. Tom, as are many people I believe, because he has proved to be very similar to Fr. Ariel. Which could be explained by the fact that Fr. Ariel served as associate pastor to Fr. Tom for several years thus learning from him. I look forward for what Fr. Tom has to teach us in the future.

August 11, 2008

Double Feast!

Wishing you all a happy feast of Saints Clare and Philomena!

Go forth in peace, for you have followed the good road. Go forth without fear, for he who created you has made you holy, has always protected you, and loves you as a mother. Blessed be you, my God, for having created me.

- Saint Clare of Assisi

O wondrous blessed clarity of Clare!
In life she shone to a few;
after death she shines on the whole world!
On earth she was a clear light;
Now in heaven she is a brilliant sun.

O how great the vehemence of the
brilliance of this clarity!
On earth this light was indeed kept
within cloistered walls,
yet shed abroad its shining rays;
It was confined within a convent cell,
yet spread itself through the wide world.

- Pope Innocent IV

Nothing is denied to Saint Philomena.

- Mary, Mother of God, during an apparition to Mother Mary Louisa of Jesus

To discredit the present decisions and declarations concerning Saint Philomena as not being permanent, stable, valid and effective, necessary of obedience, and in full-effect for all eternity, proceeds from an element that is null and void and without merit or authority.

- Pope Pius X, 1912

August 8, 2008

Happy Feast Day!

St. Dominic de Guzman was from a wealthy Spanish family, as well as the son of Bl. Joan of Aza. While she was pregnant with Dominic, she had a vision of a black and white dog with a torch in his mouth, setting the world on fire. The dog was Dominic, and the dog with a torch in his mouth later became the symbol for the order which Dominic founded.

During the time of Dominic's ministry of preaching to the heretics, he received a vision of Our Lady in which she showed him the rosary and told him to say it daily and to teach it to all who would listen to him, saying that eventually the true faith would win out. While Dominic is sometime credited with inventing the rosary, it in truth pre-dates him. He is, however, correctly credited for being the one who popularized it.

An interesting fact about St. Dominic and his order, is that the Pope had a dream of Dominic supporting the crumbling church with his shoulder. The same Pope had a very similar dream of St. Francis a few years earlier. It is said that the two saints met during visits to Rome, at which St. Dominic exclaimed "You are my companion and must walk with me. If we hold together, no earthly power can withstand us."

St. Dominic is the patron astronomers, astronomy, scientists, the falsely accused, as well as my family. He is represented as holding a rosary and a tall cross, a lily, or with a dog and a globe, fire, a rosary or a star shining above his head.

A man who governs his passions is master of his world. We must either command them or be enslaved by them. It is better to be a hammer than an anvil. - Saint Dominic

St. Dominic de Guzman. . . . Pray for Us!

August 7, 2008

Celtic Music

Celtic music, there is nothing like it. Just the word 'Celtic' (pronounced with a hard 'C' by the by, not with a soft 'C') is a mysterious, enchanting sound. Having grown up in a family where St. Patrick's Day is a big event, and listening to Celtic music, I have always had a great fondness for it. There is something about the instrumentals; it can be sad yet soothing or wild and free. I must confess I simply adore hearing singers with Irish brogues!

One of my favorite singing groups is Celtic Women. Now, before you go and rip my head off, YES I KNOW that they don't have Irish brogues, lilts or anything of the sort! (Though they do occasionally sing in Gaelic.) Yes I also know that much of the music they sing is not traditional Irish music! But I like it anyways. And they do have some traditional Celtic music in there!

So, now that we have that settled...

I like the Celtic Women. So I will be giving you a brief review of the songs they sing that I particularly like, and as a bonus... some of Celtic Thunder's songs as well. (Who are even LESS traditional Irish... I know!) For those traditional Irish balladists out there who can't stand Celtic Thunder/Women... don't worry. The High Kings are Saturday possibly. (Sometime in the next month for sure.)
One final note, I link to the songs being reviewed in the title. Now, as many of you know, the Celtic Women singers dresses... well... they leave a lot to be desired. So! I tried my best to find the songs with them singing it but you can't see them. Savvy? I'll let you know if there was a particular favorite song that I couldn't find a non-concert version for.

Mo Ghile Mar
This is one of those non-traditional Irish sounding songs... but it has Gaelic in, so it is partially redeemed. I love listening to the upbeat, flowing melody and dancing lyrics. This, in my opinion, would make a terrific song to sing while rowing/paddling a canoe or boat like that, because it has a good beat and it just seems... so ... watery. Images of the sea, waves, and ships just fill my mind when I listen to this song.

The Soft Goodbye
Now this is a beautiful song! The melody is a lovely lilting one, with an Irish flair yes! The song though is rather bittersweet, one of parting and goodbyes, yet one of hope, love, and reunion. For that reason, it has always been one of my favorites. Haunting, yet beautiful.

The Butterfly
This is an instrumental song, played by Celtic Women's fantastic fiddler, Máiréad Nesbitt. This one is an actual video of her, because her outfits are pretty good. Not to mention it is really neat the way she jumps all over the place while playing! So this song is one of those great Irish fiddle songs. It starts out slow and flitting... just like a butterfly! It then picks up into a lively, fun melody. Not my absolute favorite Celtic fiddle song ever, but very nice in its own way.

Orinoco Flow

Another fun sea song! Written by Irish singer Enya and sung by the Celtic Women... so that makes it Celtic enough... doesn't it? This is really fun to listen to and to sing, because it is so lively and upbeat! One can't help but sway and sing along!

Dulaman and Si Do Mhaimeo i
Well, I really love these songs, but I couldn't find them without Meav and her dresses are... well... bleh. Which was disappointing, because I love the way she sings them! They are both completely in Gaelic and are very lively, upbeat, energetic, lilting songs. The way her voice just trips along the words in such a bouncy, light manner makes it sound as if singing is easier then breathing! I saw a video of Hayley Westenra singing it... but Maev is way better!

Granuaile's Dance
Now is this a neat song! This is another fiddle song, played by Mairead. When it starts out, it is about midway between upbeat and laid back... but after about two minutes it really picks up! So lively, bouncy, dancing and captivating!


Celtic Thunder! This has to be my absolute favorite song from them! (After Caledonia) The melody is dark, haunting, wild and raging and completely irresistible! Not to mention I have a weak spot for drums... when used as they are in this song. This is not traditional Irish at all... but it is so cool!
As long I am listening to the song... my thoughts on Celtic Thunder. They sound the best when they are all singing together, though I really like the Bald Irishman's voice.
And Puppy Dog's. That's another thing... When I first saw these music videos I didn't know their names, so sisters, friends and I came up with some. So Damien McGinty is Puppy, Kieth Harkin is Surfer Dude, Paul Byrom is Figaro (you know, from the opera?), George Donaldson (my favorite) is the Bald Irishman and Ryan Kelly is The Snake... because he looks like one and he gives me the creeps!
Individually... I don't think they wound the best (except for George... he's got that Irish voice!) But together they sound really great.

Ireland's Call
This is apparently the Irish Rugby Anthem. I have no idea what Rugby is... but the song is pretty neat! It has that beat to it that makes it enjoyable to listen to, tap your foot to and makes you want to learn the lyrics. Very good listening.

This is a beautiful song, sung by George Donaldson. It is a song about love, marriage, staying true, troubling times, fidelity and life. The refrain is especially full of meaning and beauty, so I'll put the words here.
Life is an ocean and love is a boat
In troubled water that keeps us afloat
When we started the voyage, there was just me and you
Now gathered round us, we have our own crew.

What can I say? I love this song! It is so heartfelt and gorgeous. Whenever I listen to it... I just feel so full and overflowing, if you know what I mean. Uplifted, soaring, chills up my spine. It's just like that, for me anyhow. And one of my favorite things about this song is, that in the refrain "Caledonia" (latin for Scotland) is easily replaceable with many things like... Redwall Abbey *cough*( Yes I have done that)... America, even "Dearest Lord." Ye might want to try it sometime!
Both Celtic Women and Celtic Thunder sing this, and they are the same... yet different. When Lisa (Celtic Women) sings it, it is more haunting, yearing and longing. When the Celtic Thunder gents sing it... it's, I don't know. It's just different.
I like the Celtic Thunder version slightly better, but I liked to both so you could decide for yourself. Click on "Cale" and you'll go to the CT version. Click on "donia" and you'll get the CW. Be sure and let me know what you prefer!

Well, that's it! *whipers* This took me over an hour... so you better comment! OK fine.... I would be really happy and pleased if you would comment so that I know this did not all go waste. Thank you!

Caledonia's been everything I've ever had!

August 5, 2008

Pirate Week is Over, Alas!

So now that things are back to normal around here... what sorts of post would you all like around here? I could do a few book reviews, or I was thinking putting up a few of my favorite songs from "The Pirates of Penzance" or maybe even a country music sort of theme for a little while.... the cm wouldn't be a constant one though, more like a few songs here and there, lyrics, melody, all that. As for movie reviews.... well, haven't seen any new ones lately, so that is out.

What would you all like most to read? Be sure and drop a rose petal to let me know.

~ Rose

August 4, 2008

One Last Shot

Well mates, it has been a great week here on board the Black Rose. Sure will miss me pirates alter ego... but perhaps we shall see him now an' again, aye?

So for our last fling, my favorite video that I have been saving just for this post:

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything!
Performed by
the Pirates who don't do anything
Reliant K
the characters of the Pirates of the Caribbean


Wind in ye sails,
~ Captain Fox Turner

Caption Contest Results!

Alright me mateys! Today is now technically the last day of Pirates week since I wasn't able to post yesterday.
First off we have the Caption Contest. The winner is the person who entered the most captions that I like. The winner shall be presented with.... a surprise! So let's see who it is, shall we?

Captain Coon Sparrow~
Jack *in a desperate voice/thought*: "I hope he knows how to use that thing."

Cap'n Elizabeth Swann ~
Elizabeth *in an upset voice*: "Will...your father*near tears*'s...he's...*hoarse, whispy and tense voice* is, a codfish."

Cap'n Elizabeth Swann ~
Jack: "And the key for me."

Cap'n Coon Sparrow ~
"Open bloody thump-thump!.....bibbity bobbity boo!" *lid flies open, dust shoots out into Jack's face and knocks him backwards*

This one was a close tie!
Miss Gibbs: Sao Fang: "Nice ship and crew Jacky."
Jack: " Thank you."
Barbossa: "Who said that it was HIS ship, it's mine."

Captain Tiger Teague ~
*Sao Feng* so do we have an agreement Jack? *Jack* Tacos you said?

Cap'n Elizabeth Swann:
Barbosa: "It wasn't Moi fault!"

Captain Tiger Teague ~
*Elizabeth* "Listen to me listen to me or else every one goes do bed without supper! Is that clear!!!!"

And now may I announce the winner! The grand prize goes to....

Cap'n Elizabeth Swann????? What? *Cap'n Liz glares* Alright then, Cap'n Lizzy it is! Here is your grand prize
Ta da! 'Ope ye like it matey! An' congrats to the rest of ye as well, I liked them as well! For participatin ye get:
Authentic aztec gold coins straight from Isla de Muerta!!!!!!

Well, mates, this has been fun, but now I must do me last post to finish the week off!

~ Captain Fox Turner

August 2, 2008

Caption it!

All right then, following the lead of me mates Coon and Swann, I am going to do a caption it contest. Yes, a contest! The best captions get posted on hmm... Monday! Along with the photos, of course. So get those creative juices flowing! (please)

~ Captain Fox Turner

One Day

and then the Pirates week will be over. NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But there still is one day! (well.... two, actually! Today and tomorrow!) So let's make it a blast shall we?

So, for today's first post (maybe only, we'll see..) I am going to put up a bunch of my favorite movie clips. Not all of them by any means (that'd be most of the three movies!) but a few. Enough to keep ye entertained, savvy?

First off:

The grand duel between Jack and Will from the first movie.

The Tortuga fight. (Love the music! And the hat switching. "Time to go?" "Aye!")

My absolute favorite scene from Pirates 2, in two parts.

"Up is down. Well that is just maddeningly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?"
I do believe that explains this next clip!

And the scene after the credits in Pirates of the Caribbean 3. (Yay! He get's to meet his dad!!!!)

And because I love the song, but don't overly care for the scene:
One Day (music only)

And then, because I love this song as well, "Drink up Me Hearties"
(It's the credit song, not the actual 'Yo Ho Yo Ho' thing. =)

~ Captain Fox Turner

August 1, 2008

The Best of Both Worlds....

Or not. So today my luv'ly readers, I have a "movie trailer" that I scripted a few months ago entitled: The Pirates of the Dawn Treader *lightning bolt, thunder and all that fun stuff*
Here is the movie poster below:
*readers recoil in horror* When ye've all recovered, I shall shed some sunlight on wot gave me this spiffin' idea.
So, on the website, there is a forum that I like to go and look at occasionally. Now, a member of that forum who is also on 'my forum', mentioned that people had been writing 'scripts' for trailers of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I noticed that in them, people would have Aslan say lines like "Will you sail to world's end?" or something along those lines. I commented on the FTforum that put in that way, viewers who had never read the books might take this for another 'Pirates of the Caribbean' type movie. (Which it isn't!) Someone said "Yeah, it's The Pirates of the Dawn Treader!"
That got me creative juices flowing...

and here is the result!

Jerry Bruckheimr logo, followed by Walt Disney and Walden Media.

Eerie music. Caspian, Lucy, Edmund and Eustace stare upwards as they sail into blackness.

They Set Out On An Adventure…

Caspian spreads out a map.

Caspian: We are looking for the seven lords banished by my uncle Miraz.

Eustace: Why? Why can’t we look for something worthwhile? Like England?

To Find the Lost Lords…

Edmund: Where were they sent?

Caspian: They were sent out to sea. Westward. They never returned.

Eustace: And now we have to search the whole ocean?

And the End of the World…

Reep: Why not keep sailing, all the way to Aslan’s country? To world’s end?

Eustace: Because it’s too far… and the world is round!

But They Didn’t Expect to Find…

Sound of sword being drawn. Edmund, Reepicheep and Lucy stare upwards.

Lucy: Who are you?

A Pirate looks down from where he is standing on a mast Music pauses.

Jack Sparrow.

Jack sighs and rolls his eyes.

Jack: Captain! Captain Jack Sparrow!

This Summer…

Music changes to more adventurous theme.

Jack: So, do you have a heading for this venture?

Caspian: No, I don’t.

Jack waves something.

Jack: Then if you’ll allow me to take the wheel…

Pushes Caspian out of the way.

Jack: I think I have something that can help.

Shows Jack’s compass.

Jack: I am now in charge of this ship.

Caspian: Oh are you?

Jack: I’ve got the wheel, the compass, the directions… and I shall now transform the crew into a measly bunch of pirates. You’ve got no control. Savvy?

Be Prepared…

Slavers tying up hands.

Caspian: I am the king of Narnia!

Edmund: So was I!

Lucy: I’m the queen!

Jack: I’m not with them.

For the Unexpected.

Sea Monster curving over ship. All looking up nervously.

Jack: You don’t tie up people to masts, do you?

Lucy: Of course not! Why?

Jack: Just wondering.

Jack v.o. Do you have the courage and fortitude…

Swords clash as Caspian and crew fight off the slavers.

Jack v.o. …to follow orders…

Eustace sneaking water from near empty barrel.

Jack v.o. … and stay true in the face of danger…

Sailors fall to ground or run away in fright as dragon swoops over.

Shows Jack and Reepicheep sitting at a table..

Jack: And almost certain death?

Reepicheep: Are you calling me a coward?

*quick succession of scenes*

Lucy looks into book

Jack runs down beach with invisible Dufflepuds hopping after him

Edmund’s boot turns to gold

Doors open to reveal a lost lord

Ramandu’s daughter smiles at Jack

Aslan turns from a lamb to a lion

Eustace sees dragon

Seagull flying out of the darkness

Reepicheep sailing in boat up the wall of water at the end of the world

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Pirates of the Dawn Treader

Reep and Jack talking while sitting at a table.

Jack: You don’t want to go there mate. End of the world? Terrifying. Huge wall of water going straight down,

Reep: It does not, it goes up!
Jack: Down!

Reep: Up!

Coming to Theaters May 2010.

~ Captain Fox Turner

This One is for Me Matey Jack

So the video isn't of the best quality, but it is fairly good anyways. The perfect combination.... Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean with "I am the Pirate King" (the best song ever!) from the Pirates of Penzance. It actually is only the refrain from the song, so I shall have to find the whole thing and show it to you sometime!

Enjoy, Jacky me ole mate!