January 1, 2012

Top Ten Memories of 2011

I was thinking of different ways to do an end of the year and I decided in writing up a whole summary of the year, I'd list my top ten favorite memories of 2011 with photographs and captions.

NCC Sesquicentennial Homecoming -  Before I left North Central I got to be a part of the 150th Homecoming celebration. Going to the dance, helping prepare for the parade, going to all the fun events that took place.
Breaking Dawn Midnight Premier - First time going to a midnight movie premier, and had a blast with all the girls on my dorm floor!
Visit from my sisters - Megan and Teresa came up for a sleep over at school in the fall... this picture is a pretty good indication of the silliness that went on! A long walk, staying up late and giggling hysterically over nothing, our friend Theresa joining us later on for a trip to a mall, playing with puppies and another sleep over.
Murder Mystery - This year at ReginaCon Paul and I were asked to write up the murder mystery.  It didn't go quite as planned, but it was still so much fun to write and plan and act out... and then throwing in a surprise plot twist by dying. ^_^
"Scroogily Ever After" - At ReginaCon I had a chance to act out a skit in which The Doctor gave Regina Doman the inspiration for her Fairy Tale Novel series. I played Regina Doman alongside Paul, my friends Elena and Meg and Regina's husband Mr. Andrew. ^_^
Swing Dance at ReginaCon - Spent some great times with wonderful friends, lots of laughter and dancing and great memories... particularly dancing with a certain young man.
The Shadow of the Bear Movie Premier - Getting to see the product of the hard work put into this fan film, selling tickets, going out for pizza with cast members and friends and getting lost in the parking garage and then downtown Minneapolis at midnight or 1 in the morning.
Visit from Paul in August - our first time getting to see each other as girlfriend and boyfriend... getting teased by my siblings, going up to the lake house for the weekend, going on our first date, so many wonderful memories.
Visiting Paul in Rhode Island - Spending a whole week with my boyfriend, and especially the day this picture was taken.  Monday is our weekly anniversary, so he took me to see the ocean for my first time, we went out to dinner, exchanged our Christmas gifts and had a beautiful time... and got nearly blown into the ocean as we were taking this picture. ^_^
My favorite memory of 2011... the day I got a letter in the mail, from a certain young man named Paul, asking me if I would consider being his girlfriend.  I'd liked him for so long, and very recently realized I'd fallen in love with him, and somehow, he'd fallen in love with me too and that day he made my dreams come true. <3

A toast to all the wonderful memories of 2011... and may 2012 be just as wonderful.