June 28, 2008

Oh, and one more thing....

*sighs with sappy look on her face*. Just wanted to let you all know... I am in Love!

June 27, 2008

Time to Say "GoodBye!"

(watch this video first, will you?)

Bravo! What lovely singing! Ah, how I love that song! Sadly, I don't have it on a CD, but I do have the piano music for the heavenly duet, so that is sort of makes up for it.

So, just as I promised, I am saying farewell to you all be for I leave for Ave Cor Mariae Camp. I actually leave tomorrow, but I doubt I shall have time then to "say good bye". So, I am saying it now, Good Bye!

But, before I leave completely, I wish to welcome my forum sister Autumn Rose, to the blogosphere. This is a tad tardy, since she started on June 17th, but it is never too late! Please check out her blog "Lantern's Light", it really is a very nice one!

Here is a snippet from a humourus article she posted not to long ago:

Introducing the new Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge device, trade named: BOOK.BOOK is a revolutionary breakthrough in technology: no wires, no electric circuits, no batteries, nothing to be connected or switched on. It's so easy to use, even a child can operate it.Compact and portable, it can be used anywhere -- even sitting in an armchair by the fire -- yet it is powerful enough to hold as much information as a CD-ROM disc. Here's how it works:BOOK is constructed of sequentially numbered sheets of paper (recyclable), each capable of holding thousands of bits ofinformation. The pages are locked together with a custom-fit device called a binder, which keeps the sheets in their correct sequence. Opaque Paper Technology (OPT) allows manufacturers to use both sides of the sheet, doubling the information density and cutting costs. Experts are divided on the prospects forfurther increases in information density; for now, BOOKs with more information simply use more pages.

Each sheet is scanned optically,...

To read the rest, visit her blog!

Hmm, this is about the third time that I've mentioned my forum relations. I shall have to do a post about them sometime in the near future!

Another thing, though I am gone, there will be posts for you. Blogger has this nifty little thing that lets you schedule your posts, and then it will post them for you! And since this upcoming week is the Battle of Gettysburg, as well as the Fourth of July, I couldn't very well leave you with nothing! (My patriotic and historically minded heart would not let me!) So, be sure to check next week... and though I am not here - leave a comment, please! I love getting comments!

Well, that is it. I shall miss you all very much! (Though I doubt I'd have time to think of you. ;)

So Long! Farewell! Now you can watch this video!

June 23, 2008

A Note to my Devoted Fans..

Heehee, I love calling you that! 'My devoted fans' just sounds ever so much better than 'the people who read my blog'. Do you mind?
Just warning y'all that there shall be a deficiancy of posts this week, due to several reasons.
1) Helping out at my parishes Summer Bible Camp (or whatever it is called.) The first day was today, and I had so much fun! The kids are great.
2) Getting ready for the Miles Jesu Ave Cor... forget it. Full title is to your right. Getting ready for camp. Only... 5 more days! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see some of you there.
3) A whole bunch of other stuff.

So, don't expect much of anything this week. I promise to say good-bye to you all before I leave though.


June 20, 2008

A Variation on that shirt I posted about the other day...

Inspired by this post, I came up with a design for a t-shirt, one customized for the eldest of a large, homeschooling family that wears skirts all the time. I entitle it: The responses I would like to give to those people who ask goofy questions about me and my family.
NOTE: It has not been made into a t-shirt... yet.

And it says:

Yes, these are all my siblings
Yes, I get paid for watching them... a room and food.
No, I don’t have my own room. I’d be lonely.
Why are you asking me if we’ll have anymore?
Yes, they get on my nerves, I just deal with it.
No, I don’t have a TV in my own room, I have a sister!
Why would I have a boyfriend? My dad is so much more fun!
No I don’t do school in my pajamas. Who does?
Yes I like skirts!
Yes I am socialized! Didn’t you see the list of clubs I go to? And all the parties? I’m hardly home!

June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday to our Rosebud!

Due to Internet security reasons, we originally were not going to post any photo's of our flower's face...
But she's just so beautiful we decided otherwise!

Mary, you are our lovely little lady,

so elegant, sweet and dainty.

No matter what you are doing...

...Whether you are dressed as a saint (St. Maria Goretti)

...Or making your acting debut

...or learning archery

... or climbing rocks with your little brother and relishing the life of a 'sergeant'

... or proudly displaying your gorgeous artwork

...or receiving flowers from "your beau" ... or, like today, celebrating your birthday

You always have a beautiful smile, a charming laugh and a sweet little face.

May God bless our little "Rosebud" on her fifth birthday today, and always!

Happy Birthday Mary!

With love,
Your Big Sister!

June 18, 2008

The responses you would like to give to those goofy questions people ask about your family

Hannah at Totus Tuus posted this a week or so ago and in light of the past two days posts, I thought I would share it with you. =) Here is the text, in case the words on the picture are too small to read:

Yes they are all my children and they are awesome!
Yes we have television, we just don't need it!
No this is not some sort of daycare, it's 24/7!
Why should we fix it if it is not broke?
Yes, we know where they came from... God.
We had planned on two, my spouse just can't count.
Yes, we've heard of birth control; No birth and no control.
You should enjoy our large family; our kids will be paying your social security.
We didn't plan the first few, why start now?
Are we done?! We're just getting started!

Gotta love that shirt! Hmm... my mom's birthday is in a few months...

June 17, 2008

Life Matters ~ Part 2

This is the continuation and finish of the article I posted yesterday. Enjoy!

So, what's wrong with the picture?
Nothing. In fact, what this picture demonstrates is that it is possible and, in some cases, desirable to successfully raise 17 (and soon to be 18) children.

What is wrong is the outrageous condemnation of large families expressed by so many people today. Sadly, even among some of out Catholic brothers and sisters, it is not unusual to hear negative comments about families that have more than the socially accepted 2 child family.

Secular society and, unfortunately, some religious institutions continue to insist that responsible parenthood includes contraception, sterilization and abortion. In 1958, Pope Pius XII commented that "one of the most harmful aberrations that has appeared in modern society with its pagan tendencies is the opinion of those who are eager to classsifyt fruitfulness in marriage as a 'social malady', and who maintain that any nation that finds itself thus afflicted must exert every effort and use every means to cure the disease." It's still true today.

Responsible partenthood.
The Church has never taught that married couples should have a certain number of children, but it does teach about responsible parenthood. WHile married couples are called to be open to life, they may for just reasons limit the size of their families by the practice of Natural Family Planning (NFP). They may not, however, resort to contraceptive means "even if such use is inspired by reasons which my appear honest and serious." [Humanae Vitae #16]

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) summarizes that the "Church encourages people to be 'responsible' stewards over their fertility:
In this view of "responsible parenthood" married couples carefully weigh their responsibilities to God, each other, the children they already have, and the world in which they live when making decision about the number and spacing of children.
Responsible parenthood is lived out within the structures which God has established in human nature. The nature of sexual intercourse, which is both life-giving (pro-creative), and love-giving (unitive), reflects a Divine place. That is why the Church teaches that couples must not actively intervene to separate their fertility from their bodily union. To do so is to show disrespect for an important gift of the Creator."

Even though not of the Catholic faith, the Duggars by all accounts appear to be exercising responsible parenthood. The negative comments about them and about those Catholics with large families is unacceptable.

As Pope Pius XII said, "Wherever you find large families in great numbers, they point to" the physical and moral health of a Christian people; a living faith in God and trust in His Providence; the fruitful and joyful holiness of Catholic marriage."

While not all married couples will be called to have large families, we need to repent of any negative responses we may have about large families and recognize that children are precious gifts. We must also remember that faithful Christian families come in all sizes.

For information on this wonderful Christan family, visit their website: www.duggarfamily.com

June 16, 2008

Life Matters ~ Part 1

We picked up this edition of "Life Matters" from our church bulletin, and I thought that I would post it on here in two parts, since it is rather long. It is a great article! Hope you all enjoy it!

What's wrong with this picture?
By Patricia Pitkus Bainbridge

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are happily expecting their 18th child in January 2009, With that announcement, the family (pictured in front of their home) has once again become the object of world wide media coverage and blogoshpere discussion.

The fascination, of course, is with the size of the Duggar family. Back in 2005, the Dallas Morning News ran a story on the family (which then consisted of only 16 children) observing, "in an era when the ideal family is is widely viewed as two children - one girl, one boy - the Duggars are an anomaly..."

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in 2003 that family groups with four or more children continue to decline from 17% in 1970 to 5% in 2003. In addition, the Census Bureau reported in 2004 that "During the past decade, the [fertility] rate has fluctuated between 2.0 and 2.1 births per woman, close to the rate required for natural replacement of the population (about 2.1 births per woman.)

Unwarranted criticism and attacks
Based on this information, there is no doubt the Duggar family size is atypical. But "atypical" should in no way generate criticism of Jim Bob and Michelle's openness to life, an yet, that is exactly what has and continues to happen.

With the exception of Mark Morford, a popular columnist who writes for the San Franciscan Chronicle and sfgate.com, the mainstream media has generally shied away from judgmental comments about the Duggars. In his October 2005 column - entitled "God does not want 16 kids" -Morford referred to Michelle and Jim Bob's decision to have a large family as "weird pathological protofamily breeding happy gluttony". Then he asked, "Why does this sort of bizarre hyperbreeding only seem to afflict antiseptic megareligious families from the Midwest?"

Following these vitriolic comments, Morford lamented that these "kidbots will never be allowed near a decent pair of designer jeans or a tolerable haircut from a recent decade, and assuming that they will all be tragically encoded with the values of the homophobic asexual Christian right - where are the forces that shall help neutralize their effect on culture? Where is the counterbalance to offset the damage?"

There you have it. This "tolerant", progressive so-called "pro-choice" writer does not believe the Duggars (or other large families) should have the freedom to choose how many children they have. He has no tolerance for people who have what he believes are too many children and he has no tolerance for those of us who believe in God. And, he apparently thinks designer jean and a good hair cut are more important than love and responsibility.

Moford comments "mild" compared to blogosphere.
Just as the case in 2007 when Michelle gave birth to her 17th child, the blogosphere is abuzz about her 18th baby in utero. While there certainly have been positive comments about the Duggars, the majority are negative. Many are down right malicious and venomous - terribly cruel to say the least. Many are so sexually explicit that I would not even consider citing them in this publication.

The majority of the negative comments contain over the top stereotypical remarks not based on factual information. I found the comments from the pro-abortion radical feminists to be the most interesting and ironic. Their mantra has always included "a women has the right to choose", "all children should be wanted", and "women have the right to choose if and when to have a child."

Yet, the feminist blogs are chock-full of condemnations of Michelle Duggar's choice to have 18 children. One feminist who dared to challenge the criticism was told, "What the Duggars are doing amounts to the emotional abuse of the mother, not reproductive freedom."

I have seen the Duggar family a number of times on The Learning Channel and they appear to be a happy, well-adjusted, responsible Baptist family. Michelle was named Arkansas mother of the year for 2004. They live in a 7,000 square foot house with nine bathrooms on 20 acres in Tontitown, Arkansas. They are debt free and the children are home-schooled.

The rest of this article will be continued tomorrow. Once again, I did not write this article. Comments are welcome, but keep them positive. Anything abusive, rude or with inappropriate language will not be published. Keep your thoughts and comments kind and charitable!

June 13, 2008

Feast Day!

Thanks to my dad for reminding me that today was St. Anthony of Padua's feast day! One of my favorite saints, St. Anthony was a Fransican priest, is a Doctor of the Church and was known for his great ability as a preacher. He is the patron of, among many other things: seekers of lost articles, lost items, sailors, shipwrecks and mail.

St. Anthony of Padua... Pray for us!

The Lord of the Rings in 60 seconds!

OK, I was going to post something more intellegent then another YouTube video... but this was so funny! A must watch! (Even if you haven't seen the Lord of the Rings!)

And, so you don't miss out on my brilliancy, here is what I was originally going to post today:
Today's Original Post
Hi y'all! I am hot, tired and un-inspired, and can' think of anything to write about, so you won't be getting a post today. Sorry!
(Well, that's it! Litterally, that is what I was going to post! Hope you like the movie!)

June 11, 2008

Tag! You're It!

Delaney tagged me with this meme on her blog. (How do you pronounce meme anyhow?)

Link to the person that tagged you, post the rules somewhere in your meme, answer the questions, tag six people in your post, let the tagees know they’ve been chosen by leaving a comment on their blog, let the tagger know your entry is posted.

Who is your all-time favorite author and why?
Hmm, I'd have to say... oh this is hard. Regina Doman, because her books are so wonderfully Catholic, romantic, adventurous and suspenseful! The kinds of books I totally adore! Not to mention, having met her, she is such a wonderful and friendly person!
Photo finish with Tolkien for all-time favorite.

Who was your first favorite author and why? Do you still consider him/her to be among your favorites?
I'd say my first favorite author was Carolyn Keene, the author of the Nancy Drew mysteries, which I used to completely devour. I don't consider her to be one of my favorites any more, because while I still enjoy one of the book every now and then, I have moved on to other books. (Not to mention they do get very similar as time goes on... and there is 50 of them.)

Who is the most recent addition to your list of favorite authors, and why?
Let's see, I'd say... Brian Jaques! I just love both his Redwall series and The Castaways of the Flying Dutchman, both are excellent! Many of the Redwall books have kept me on the edge of my seat, and I love the hidden Catholic elements in the Castaway's series. (Yes, Jaques is Catholic!) Some might argue that the books (namely those of Redwall) are all similar, like the Nancy Drew books, I defend them, because while the plot lines may be similar - and I admit that they are - the characters differ from book to book, giving you the added interest of getting to know each new set of people, I mean animals. =)

Actually.... Jeff Shaara is the most recent. (How could I forget him????) He writes the best Civil War novels I have ever read! They are absolutely fantastic, one of the most un-biased stories of the Civil War I have ever read, truthful, and very engaging! You are so drawn into the stories of the men who led and fought the Civil War, feeling almost as if you knew them! I could go on and on and on.. but I won't. They are great!

If someone asked you who your favorite authors were right now, which authors would first pop out of your mouth?
J.R.R. Tolkien, Regina Doman, Jeff Shaara, Jane Austen, Douglas Southall Freeman (his bio on General Lee is great!), Alexandre Dumas, Allen French, and whole bunch of other people that I just know I am forgetting!

I now hereby tag:
Master Paul Xavier

Have fun y'all!

June 10, 2008

Welcome to the "Spare Oom"

I would like to give a cheery "hello" my very dear friend and "daughter" Raewyn as she gets her blog My Spare Oom up and running. Please stop over there to give her a warm welcome and check out her writings.

Le suilon (I greet thee) Raewyn!

June 9, 2008

A Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 7

The last day! Ah, so sad! I should be dressed in black but.. I am not and that is just fine. =) Today, I am wearing what I have termed my 'butterfly outfit'. If you are wondering why, since I do not appear to have butterflies all over my blouse and skirt, it shall become clear later on.

My blouse is a pale yellow that I found either in a bag of clothes someone gave us, or in a thrift store. Take your pick. In the picture of my necklace below, you will be able to see the trim around the neckline, along with the diamond pattern in the shirt. It is a very light weight cotton, which is great for warmer weather! Humid too, do to the dark clouds hovering over my head. Apparently we had quiet a storm here last night. I can't vouch for it since I stayed asleep, but the rest (well, almost the rest) of my family woke up. But I digress....

My skirt is one that I got from Blair. A lovely bright green, cotton, crinkly, tiered skirt that goes wonderfully with my yellow blouse and helps brighten our dreary day. You can also see in this photo, the white braided belt that I have one. I love the look an un-tucked shirt with a belt gives!

And now for why I call it my butterfly outfit!
Here is a better photo of those cute butterfly earing from Miss Fishy that I wore on day 5. The colors are, obviously, yellow and green, the same as my skirt and blouse!

Since I greatly dislike having my hair down all the time, I was delighted to discover that it is long enough to clip back with my gold butterfly clip from Wal-Mart. It is one of my favorite hair-pieces, and it went very well with this outfit!

I didn't have any butterfly necklaces, but this charm that I had almost looks like it could be a butterfly... from far away. Hey, I tried! Here you can see the criss-cross pattern around the neckline, and the diamond pattern in the blouse. Due to the tiny holes, a camisole is a must with this!

Well, my dearly beloved readers, that concludes my Week in Feminine Dress! My, when you have a scheduled thing every day, how time does fly by! I shall be back with another post tomorrow, welcoming a dear friend to the blogshpere!

June 8, 2008

A Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 6

Today is Sunday and I can dress up! 'Tis slightly cooler today (so far), and I am wearing a pretty yellow cotton dress from Erika. (Could not find a website. It is a clothing brand.) These are really nice dresses, and we have at least five that we have gotten from various thrift stores. This one is my favorite.

With it -since the neckline is slightly low - I am wearing a cream sparkley shrug that I crocheted.
Here is the back, and you can see the lovely shell pattern that makes this shawl so versitale. Depending on the yarn you use, it can be very elegant or something for every day! If anyone is interested, I'll post the pattern for it.

To keep the shawl in place, I fastened it with a broach I was given for my graduation, I belive. It has a gold bow at the top, with a glass teardrop containing a mustard seed on the bottom.
To keep my hair out of my face, I am wearing a pretty, yet simple headband that I found at Wal-Mart. From what I have seen in stores this year, it would appear that large gold circles are "in"!

The necklace I am wearing today is a chain I had lying around, along with a medal of the Sacred Heart which a dear friend of mine bought in Rome and had blessed by the Pope! The chain is a bit short, so this is more of a 'dressed up' necklace.

For earings, I am wearing these giant white (porcelain, I think) roses from my grandma. I don't wear them alot, due to the size and weight, but after you have them on for a while, they don't feel quite so heavy!

And that is my lovely summer outfit for today!

June 7, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 5

Today I am wearing another casual outfit for gardening. The shirt is a White Stag cream colored blouse that I received along with a different skirt for my birthday this year.

The skirt I am modeling today is a lovely olive green, crinkly cotten skirt from Blair.
It has a drawstring waist, with clear glass beads on the ends of the strings...

and a decorative ruffle around the hem of the skirt.

To keep my hair from blowing in the strong spring winds, I am wearing a white bandanna a friend crocheted for me.

To go with the more earthy tones of my outfit, I am wearing a dark brown wooden cross that I recieved on the day of my confirmation. As you can see, it has a neat little design carved on it.

Breaking away from the earth tones, I am wearing bright green and yellow, butterfly, dangly earing that Miss Fishy made and gave to me. The picture is a bit blury, but they really are cute!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, conludes our showing for today. Thank you for reading!

June 6, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 4

For today, day 4 I dressed casually and coolly for spring cleaning and the warm, humid weather we've been getting around here!

The top is a pretty lavander, with white added around the neckline and bottom to give it a layered look. I would not be comfortably cool if it was actually layered!
The skirt is one of my all time favorite Wal-Mart finds from two years ago, a tiered denim with attractive rickrack on the bottom two tiers. It is practicle, but still nice enough if I go out.
To finish off my outfit, I am wearing a necklace my sister gave me for my confirmation. It is heartshaped, and features the Holy Spirit on it. No, it is not a locket. =)
And that concludes our episode of "A Week in Feminine Dress Day Four." Tune in next time, for "A Week in Feminine Dress: Day 5."

And remember! God made you special, and He loves you very much!
Good Bye!

June 5, 2008

Week in Feminine Dress ~ Day 3

Today I had the wonderful pleasure of being able to go out on an all afternoon outing with my godmother. We had a marvelous time, including dressing so that we would be exactly matching!

I -we - wore matching blouses, made of sheer fabric, that had a cute little ruffle a quarter of the way down the shirt, little white buttons hid amidst the dainty fabric. (Mine was borrowed from Claire's sister, but I am not supposed to tell you that. ;)

The skirt was a navy - I believe from Blair - and had beautiful emobroidered designs all around the bottom.
For our outing, we decided to wear our matching 'pro-life' necklaces. Claire actually gave me mine for my birthday... two years ago. (This outing was for my 16th birthday by the way!)
To shade us from the 90 degree sun, we each wore a straw hat. I wore a white hat with a bow tied around it, that I got as a hand-me down from my mom the other day.
To complete our matching look, we had matching hair-do's (I did Claire's, which turned out nice, considering it was the second French braid I had ever done,) and wore pretty flowery scarfs around our waists. Oh, and we wore similar colored sandals!

We had a fantastic time, walking, eating, talking, praying, window shopping, sing.. actually, we didn't sing. Wonder why? And musing how many people looked at us and wondered why on earth we were wearing matching clothing, though only one person stopped to ask us.
Thank you so much Claire, for such a wonderful day!