May 29, 2014

Fashion Time!

It has been a very long time since I did anything remotely resembling a fashion post, but as long as I was taking photographs for an upcoming blog interview I'll be featured in (!!!!), and I have a few new things to show off... I thought, why not?

I borrow clothes from my sisters all the time, and they borrow from me as well.  Why not? We're the same size, we all have cute clothes so why on earth wouldn't we borrow from each other?  Today I snagged this super cute top from Sister T and paired it with a gray tank top (mine) and white capris (mine as well)

Isn't this such a cute top? It's sheer, making it very airy and perfect for the humid weather we've been getting lately.  (No, I'm not complaining! I'd much rather have this than the subzero temperatures from just a few months ago).  Also, my hair is getting so long!  I've had it shoulder length or above since I was about 16, and to be able to feel it on my back and actually be able to braid it and have it stay in are sensations I am rediscovering... and loving!

Speaking of hair...

Bam! Bangs!  I haven't had real bangs since I was 13 and everyone was growing them out, so bangs were NOT cool anymore.  It's weird having hair brushing my forehead, but I'm liking it.

This lovely pendant was something I found at while cleaning up from my event at school.  One of my fellow students found it and said "Here you go! This would make a cute necklace!"  And it does.

I bought these shoes for my high school graduation, and they are still holding up!  I love them and they are super cute for both casual and dressy outfits.  I worked this morning at the chiropractor, and sandals are - alas! - not allowed, so these went perfectly with my outfit.

Oh, and one more new thing...

I got a second piercing!  A friend of mine got hers double pierced a little while back, and I loved the look and have been toying with the idea for a while.  Last week I had to return some clothes to JC Penny, I got $37 back, thought "This should be enough for an ear piercing... I'm in the mall... and I don't have to be to work for another hour..."  and so I went and had it done before I could talk myself out of it.

Top: Wal-Mart
Camisole: Khols
Capris: Thrifted
Flats: Target
Necklace: Lost and found!
Floral Earrings: It's a Bling Thing
Stud Earrings: Piercing Pagoda
Headband: Wal-Mart

May 21, 2014

Just Plane Drama

Ah flying, such an adventure.  Back in January when I flew out to visit my Knight, my flight was canceled and I got in an extra two days of visiting due to below freezing temperatures and snow storms.  This time was a little less stressful, but no less dramatic.  I'm wondering if this is going to be a recurring pattern.

Tuesday afternoon my Knight and I headed down the highway to the airport.  Traffic was a bit difficult but as we drove he received updates to his phone that my flight was being delayed.  We were happy to take advantage of this and hang out in the cell phone lot when we arrived early, and postpone saying good-bye for just a bit longer.

Then he dropped me off, drove away and it took him two hours to get home.  And my flight got delayed a little more, and the plane still didn't show up, and then finally it did show up an hour after the originally scheduled departure time.  We eventually boarded the plane, started moving down the runway, and then stopped.

Apparently Chicago decided to party it up with gigantic thunderstorms and rain and hail, and so O'Hare grounded all incoming flights.  Our pilot opted to wait out the hour of being grounded on the runway where we would be the first plane off the ground when it was lifted. Only it didn't get lifted.  The hour up, O'Hare decided that it'd be best if all incoming planes stayed away for yet another hour.

At this point we had to return to the gate, because our pilot had already extended his regulated flying time by two hours, but in forty-one minutes he was going to reach his limit and be illegal to fly the plane. Le sigh.  This meant a whole new pilot and flight crew.... so we returned to the gate, they got us all off the plane and announced that the flight would be delayed until 8:45 the following morning.

Rather than let me spend a night sleeping in an airport, my Knight drove back up to the airport in far less time than generally allowed when you ask Google Maps how long it will take you to get somewhere, rescued me and brought me back home.  And then he got up again at 5:30 in the morning and drove me back to catch my flight.

I am telling you, dear readers, my Knight is the most wonderful and amazing of all men.

Rush hour traffic was a monster returning to the airport, but with the help of St. Christopher, a conveniently timed switch to a shorter security line and a close gate, I made it onto the plane with five minutes to spare and even got upgraded from a seat in row 20 to a seat in row 7 due to half the plane not showing up for the rescheduled flights.

And so eventually, I did make it home.  It was a most interesting night, and I can't say that I minded getting to see my Knight again for a few more hours... even if for those hours we were both exhausted and a bit foggy.  'Twas quite the adventure - I am curious to see what the next time I travel will bring!

May 19, 2014

Please Welcome the Class of 2014

This past Saturday, my Knight graduated from college.  I couldn't be more proud of him.

He had a long, rough college journey, with more than his share of obstacles and trials.  Things fell apart, and his plans for the future went up in flames.  But through it all, he stayed strong and I know that no matter what life throws at him, he is more than equal to the challenge.

He is such a brilliant, dedicated and hard working man.  Every day brings me yet another reason to love, admire and respect him more.

Congratulations my dear.  As I've told you many times this weekend, I am so proud of you.  God has wonderful things in store for your future, and I know that no matter what you do or where you end up, you will always succeed and accomplish wonderful things.

May 12, 2014

Books, Planes and Summer

When I was a younger girl, you couldn't tear me away from a book, no matter what season it was.  I was the girl who gave up reading for Lent, who was told to "put down that book and go play outside or something!"  I read all the time, and when I first started driving I was so lost because I never paid attention to where we were going.  I was too busy reading.

In recent years, my love of books has not lessened, but my reading habits have altered somewhat.  I blame it on college, but I find that during the fall and winter and cold months, I don't read all that often.  Oh I love been warm and cuddled up inside with a good book, but I tend to find myself wrapped in a blanket with a mug of hot chocolate and an episode binge on Netflix more frequently than a blanket, hot chocolate and a stack of library books.

Not so in the summer.  True, it's only May, but with the past few 80 degree days that we have had, it has felt like summer.  Today the warm weather combined with the "I'm going to be on a plane in two days!" realization triggered my "I need to go to the library NOW" instinct.  Luckily at the time I was just down the road from the library, and I was indeed able to go right then.

I love the freedom of summer to relax, layout on our hammock and read a good book.  There's something about summer and warm weather and traveling that makes reading absolutely irresistible.  There's something about the carefree-ness of no school, more casual clothes, of relaxed living that makes it alright to dive into a stack of chick lits and not feel guilty about avoiding more classical works.

I do feel like my current stack is an acceptable blend, however.  I have an Agatha Christie novel, a Nicholas Sparks novel  (yesIreadNicholasSparkssothere), Mr. Knightly's Diary, Mr. Darcy's Diary and an intriguing looking mystery/chick lit novel about a girl whose sister was murdered that's not so much about who did it, but the woman her sister was that she didn't know about.

The temperatures will be dropping from mock-summer highs to more acceptable degrees of the mid-60s, and the next few days will be filled with work and finals and packing.  But then after that, I'll be in the airport and on a plane (I do love reading in the airport and on the plane... there's another something about reading in an airport with a Starbucks and a good paperback novel) and I will have plenty of time to read.... and distract myself from the impatience of getting to Boston and seeing my Knight again.

May 10, 2014

Not the Nice Kind of Bug

Oh, I agree. I do not normally include "nice" and "bug" in the same sentence.  But you know, springtime.... ladybugs.... caterpillars... butterflies.  Nice bugs.  

What I have is not a nice bug.  It is a stomach bug, and it is evil.  

My evil stomach bug - also my first and last attempt at imitating "Mama Knows, Honeychild".  I'll leave the cute drawings to go along with blog posts to the expert.

I can function fairly normally, which is good, I suppose.  What is not good is the sensation of your stomach feeling like what mixing vinegar and baking soda looks like.  In addition to the stomach aches, the feeling of repulsion caused by pretty much any food.  Which sucks because I haven't eaten a lot in the last two days so I'm hungry, yet nothing is appealing and when I do have a few moments of lessened food-repulsion I can only eat a little bit before it comes back again.

le sigh

I do have to say though, that bowl of cinnamon toast crunch was really good and I was able to eat it surprisingly well... I may have to have another bowl of it if I don't make it through this bit of pound cake from my grandparent's anniversary this past weekend.

Also, Tazo Passion tea is the best ever, just saying.

Now to tackle yet again the contents of that cursed blue flash drive you see poking out of my laptop.  (Parasite).  Yes, my Microsoft Access homework.  Anyone want to make some forms and reports for me?

May 8, 2014

Shakira, Sheeran and Studying

It's that time of the semester again... the end!  Finals! School finished!  I'm in three classes this semester, one of which is finished, so I really don't have that much studying to do.  Microsoft Office is, however, making up for that.

The last quarter of the class is Microsoft Access. I hate Microsoft Access.  I do not like databases.  I cannot fathom why anyone would want to major - let alone get their Masters - in Databases.  To each their own, but I do not understand it.  That being said, I have five databases to do before I can take my final early before I can go visit My Knight.  Ugh.

I am attempting to knock at least two of them out tonight, and I have some good music to keep my company.  Guys, Spotify is seriously the best thing ever.  Why did I wait until two weeks ago to do some poking around and see what this music player was that kept popping up on Facebook status?  WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?????

Oh, I also have this for company...

I actually drank it with dinner, so I literally have an empty bottle sitting next to my computer for company.  I'm really tempted to get a full one to join it so it isn't lonely.

Anyhow. Back to music.

Here's the link to my Spotify Playlist, if you are so curious.  Favorite songs on there at the moment?  As this title indicates... it's songs by Shakira and Ed Sheeran.  Those two are so good.  It would be epic if they someday sang a song together....

Now back to studying.

May 2, 2014

My Mom is Famous!

Well, sort of.  She was featured in an article in our local newspaper just this week for a book she's written on Organizing Your Day for Homeschooling Moms.  My mom is super organized, and pretty awesome, so go read the article about her and then check out her book!