June 24, 2015

Settling In

At the same time that I finished week three of my very first full-time job, I also finished living on my own for three weeks while I house sat for family friends of my parents. It's been a busy couple of weeks, and gone a long way in disrupting my normal blogging flow.  But the waves seem to be calming a bit, and there are hopes of more frequent posting in the near future.

The new job has been going very well.  It has been absolutely fascinating to go from a small, 112 room hotel that served only breakfast, to a resort with nearly 400 rooms, thousands of square feet of meeting and event space, four different restaurants, room service, more departments than I know what do with and a golf course.

Coming from a small hotel where I was the front desk, housekeeping, maintenance and everything else after 6pm when everyone left, it has been a strange experience being... just the front desk. When a guest wants a toothbrush or new linens, I just page housekeeping and they take care of it, there is overnight houskeeping as well.  If someone gets locked out, I can call security because we actually have security.  No more unclogging toilets because that's what engineering is there 24/7 for!  All I have to do now is check guests in and out and help resolve issues at the front desk, and then answer phone calls when I'm back working in the PBX room because that's right - we have a PBX room where all the phone calls go and the Front Desk gets only the calls that are directly for them.

Working in a large hotel is proving to be very interesting, and I am enjoying it very much so far.  Of course, not everything is perfect, and there are definitely management issues that need to be worked out, but I love all of my co-workers, and I am excited to be a part of this new team.  It does make me feel very grown up... working at least 40 hours a week, getting paid well, having the opportunity for insurance and vacation time down the road, dressing up every day in a blazer and dress pants as part of my uniform.

I do miss my old job at times, and the people I worked with there.  But over all, I am excited to be venturing into this new stage in my life and getting one step closer to the goals and dreams that I have for my career.