May 30, 2012

On the Job

I can hardly believe it's nearly the end of my second week of work already!  Yes, I'm only working three days this week because of Memorial Day - but two weeks have almost gone by.  

It has been a great experience so far.  I am working at a chiropractic office for the doctor that my family and I have been going to since he opened his doors 11 years ago.  It's a small, very comfortable, friendly place to work - as "The Boss" says 'We are the exact opposite of a stuffy medical office.  We are here to make people feel welcome and heal them, not give them a prescription."  This attitude really creates a great, fun environment to work in.  And  - while it does tend to make scheduling appointments and work hours a little crazy - I think it is really neat that The Boss plans when the office is open around his kids baseball games, or other important activities, so that he won't miss out on them.  Many people would just say "Sorry kids, but this is when I am working."

My time has been spent in learning the ropes around the ship.  To date, I've learned how to greet and check patients in, answer the phone, schedule appointments, handle payments,straighten magazines, where the staff's private stash of butter mints is located, how to do stim and ultrasound therapies, always bring a snack with because I invariably end up starving in the middle of my time, no jeans or sandals (yeah... no one told me the dress code so second day I wore  both. ;-) ) and - my favorite yet so far - processing x-rays in complete darkness.  Really, I did enjoy it.  I was nervous I'd mess something up because there can be absolutely NO light in there, not even a light from your watch if it has one, but it was fairly straightforward and I was told I did an excellent job!

Right now there are six other staff members besides myself. I'll give them names so if I refer to them in the future you'll know who I'm talking about.  There is Mrs. Boss, office manager and - obviously - The Boss's wife.  Future Doc, he's been working there for about 2 years, and he'll be leaving in July to go to chiropractic school. Very friendly and knows the names of every single person who comes in and they all love him. Woody - because for some reason he reminds me of him - is the kid who'll be taking Future Doc's place.  Definitely a teenage boy, but nice and easy to get along with.  Dolly Parton, the lady I'll be working the most with once I finish training.  Very nice lady, really friendly, sort of looks like Dolly Parton only not as sacry-old-lady-trying-to-look-young.  I guess it's more that they have the same hair color than anything.  Anyhow, very nice lady.  Then is also Dolly's daughter, whom I only met today, so no name for her yet.  Last is the Captain, the lady who has been training me.  She's strict, particular in how things get done, but as long as you work and don't use your cell phone behind the desk she'll like you and is easy to work with.

Then of course, there are the patients themselves, but I'll save them for later when I have more stories and experiences to share.

May 29, 2012

It's Been a While....

This re-blogging start up was a bit of a fail I suppose... didn't get out too many posts before I let it drop by the wayside!  Really though, I didn't have a whole lot to talk about, I thought, and my blog had originally been created as a place to share stories of life at college and when I wasn't at college anymore I thought - what is the point?

But the itch to write things again has come back, and there have been a several times recently when I've watched or read or seen something and wished for a place to share my thoughts on it.

So here we go again!  I'm not going to say "I'm back" until I've gotten out at least 8 posts but... I'm potentially back!