June 25, 2009

Fashion Week - Day Five, Yavi's outfit

Hi everyone! Lady Rose has kindly allowed me to do this post in return for taking her pics for her . Thank you Rose!
So today i'm wearing a blouse i got from a thrift store (don't you just love those places?) with a pink tank top underneath, also from a thrift store.

I made the skirt using the same pattern as Lady Rose used for her red skirt (see day 4). I love it and i wear it all the time! Although the circumference of my skirt is not 21 inches like Rose' :( i still like it a lot!
I am also wearing a pink silky bandanna that i got for Christmas.

What i'm wearing:
Blouse with tank top underneath: from a thrift store.
Denim Skirt: i made
Bandanna: a gift

Again, thank you Lady Rose for letting me post!

Oh! And before i leave, Rose forgot to mention in her post yesterday that i took all those pictures while on the roof :D


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  1. WOW!!!! love it girls!!!!! :D :D Gorgeous!!! You are all true heroines of our faith and for us girls. Also, a true and lovely witness. :) :)


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