June 1, 2009

Odyssey by Hayley Westenra

Name: Odyssey
Artist: Hayley Westenra
Artist's other albums: Pure, Celtic Treasure, West Side Story, Treasure, River of Dreams
Favorite songs: Prayer, Never Saw Blue, What You Never Know, My Heart Belongs to You, You Are Water

Song by Song Review:

Prayer - When i first got the CD from the library and i saw the title, my first thought was "Oh great, someone else singing "The Prayer". Then i listened to the song and was surprised and pleased that it wasn't the song i thought it was at all. (I like "The Prayer", but no one ever does anything new with it!)
Favorite lyrics: "Let your arms enfold us, Through the dark of night, Will your angels hold us, Till we see the light"

Both Sides Now - An okay song, rather mellow, but with Hayley's voice, of course it's pretty.
Favorite lyrics: "The dizzy dancing way that you feel as every fairy tale comes real, I've looked at love that way"

Never Saw Blue - This one's a very sweet love song, very gentle and graceful.
Favorite lyrics: "You're giving me all you have and more, no one else has ever shown me how to see the world the way I see it now"

Dell'Amore Non Si Sa - Another love song, this one a duet with Andrea Bocelli! I liked the music for the refrain, but wasn't overly fond of the verse's melody. Probably the best part of the song is the end when Andrea and Hayley sing together.
Favorite lyircs: Ma quando amore arriverà, tutto intorno cambierà nella notte brillerà (When love arrives, everything changes, all around it shines in the night)

What You Never Know (Won't Hurt You) - A very pretty song about falling in love. This was originally sung by Sarah Brightman, but i prefer this version to Sarah's, as Hayley's has a nice refrain to it that i absolutely love.
Favorite lyrics: "I'm falling for you. I'm falling for you. My heart's torn in two, I'm falling for you"

May it Be - Alas, i was disappointed in this, because 1) I like Enya's original the best and 2) Hayley didn't do anything with it. In the Celtic Woman version, they at least added a very nice instrumental introduction, but nothing of the sort here.
Favorite lyircs: "May it be when darkness falls, your heart will be true"

Quanta Qualia - This song is on the slower side, and has only eight words in it, but it's pretty and would be good to listen to if you are trying to fall asleep.
Favorite lyrics: I'll just post the song: "Anima mea mane! Quanta qualia conventus gaudia erunt ( My soul wait! How great and how wonderful the joys of the meeting will be.)"

You Are Water - This one's a fun song. I guess you could look at it from the veiw of being sung to someone you're in love with, but i prefer to look at it from a religous point of veiw. It fits better that way too, i think.
Favorite lyrics: "You are water on a hot summer day, for a thirsty daughter who's finding her way." "I want to thank you, yeah I want to thank you."

She Moves Through the Fair - A pretty song, as usual. Don't have much to say about this, other than i like the very Celtic sounding bridge.
Favorite lyrics: "Just one star awake, like the swan in the evening, moves over the lake

My Heart Belongs to You - Ah! I LOVE this song! It's so beautiful, romantic and moving. I fell in love with it even before Hayley began singing. I will most certainly be playing this at my wedding! (Assuming i get married, of course.)
Favorite lyrics: Eek, i have to pick a favorite section? "As the moon lights up the sky, there's a thousand reasons why my heart will only beat for you. You're the reason that I live, so now all I've got to give, I give it to you" And then the whole refrain.

Ave Maria - This version is by Gulio Caccini, and is really a very pretty classical work.
Favorite lyrics: "Ave Maria"

I Say Grace - The closing song is a gospel number, which Hayley's voice isn't particularily suited for, but it's nice. I'm not a huge fan of gospel though.
Favorite lyrics: Now I understand, when the roof caves in, lets the sun shine in. Life is beautiful now at the end of day"

Overall: So if you don't like music on the mellow side you won't like this album because there really aren't any "upbeat" songs, per say. Personally i love listening to Hayley's voice, it's just so clear, high and pure. I highly recommend it!

Note: Thanks to Katy for the review format!

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  1. She's from my homeland - New Zealand. Beautiful person and beautiful voice!!


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