June 26, 2009

Fashion Week - Day Six

I do so love wearing pink! Or rose, which ever you prefer to call it. I suppose the color of my sweater top would actually be rose, which is fine with me! I accessorized today with alas! the only scarf i have. Now, lest you be confused, i am not alas! because i am wearing a scarf, i am 'alas!' because it's the only one i have. I really need to get more. I love this one, a nice tan with such a pretty leaf and rose (!) print. Along with the rose theme i'm wearing another rose clip i made in my hair, this one i crocheted from embroidery thread, so it's a bit smaller. Oh, and i also have my favorite rose earrings!

What i am wearing...

Rose top by Laura Scott
Tan skirt by Na Na FasHion
Rose print scarf from the thrift store
Rose earrings from Khol's
Rose clip by me!

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  1. Hi Rose! These are gorgeous pics! I just thought I'd let you know that if you go to my blog you'll find a really nice book giveaway. Thanks!


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