June 21, 2009

Fashion Week - Day One

Yes, today starts Fashion Week, hosted by AmandaBeth Online. =)

I guess i'm supposed to post pictures of my outfit for today and explain a bit. So....

What I'm Wearing
Floral Cotton Dress - made by me!
Miraculous Medal necklace - a gift
Drop pearl earrings with a little diamond chip - Khols for $14 dollars or there about
White sandals - from the mysterious hand-me-down person

Like i said, the dress was made by myself with on-sale material from Wal-Mart when they were getting rid of their fabric department. *sniff* The pattern is a Simplicity 5189, for any of you curious sewers out there. My sister had made a white dress with this pattern for her graduation, i loved the dress and when i found this gorgeous rose print i just had to make one of my own!

Now, the neckline comes a bit too low for my liking on this pattern, 'sew' i had planned on raising the neckline, my mom and i had measured how high we were going to raise it, marked it all out... and then distracted me went and cut it out at the original neckline. =P But then, i got an even better idea and...

...put lace on the neckline instead! It gives the dress an elegant, lady-like touch and i like it more than if i had just raised the neckline.

So that is the history behind my outfit for today! Be sure to stop by AmandaBeth's and check out her outfit, as well as the other participants in the Fashion Week as well.


  1. That's a beautiful dress, Rose! Yes, the lace does indeed add a nice touch. You look lovely.

  2. It looks very pioneerish; you know, something that blends very well with the prarie.

  3. Ooh - so pretty! Love the dress and the fabric - thanks for sharing! :)

  4. So lovely and what beautiful scenery for your photo shoot! :)

  5. Lovely, Rose! I love the lace at the collar! I'm a fan of all things lacey. :)

  6. I love the fabric-you did such a nice job! I also love the music(and the singer!);)

  7. I love this dress, Rose dear! It is so elegant and lovely! :) I'm making one from the same pattern right now, though my fabric is bright pink with yellow flowers. I'm a little nervous that it will be too bright...but we'll see I guess!


  8. Wow, you made that dress? It's gorgeous Rose! I agree with Adonnennial- I love lacy things. Your pic just brings to mind the words... feminine elegance. Lovely!


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