June 23, 2009

Fashion Week - Day Three

I decided to tone down a bit today from yesterday's bright colors. Both my top and my skirt were found in those ever wondrous thrift-stores. I originally bought this skirt for a play i was going to be in as a peasant. It was supposed to be knee length though so i just hemmed it up and then last year finally got around to taking it back out again. With all the different colors it goes well with a whole slew of different shirts, today i decided to go brown and add my pink rose as an accessory.

What i am wearing today...

Brown top by Merona
Patchwork skirt by Requirments
Brown sandals by Earth Spirit
Crocheted Rose pin made by me!

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  1. Your pink rose is so pretty! I would love to learn how to crochet them!

  2. How about trying a solid skirt and a printed blouse or shirt with a belt or scarf?

  3. I love the combination of pink and brown! Two of my favorites! Oh yeah and that second picture is so neat.. :)


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