June 22, 2009

Fashion Week - Day Two

Today was really hot, so i figured the sunglasses would be a good accompaniment to my sunny outfit. ;) I think it got up to 100 degrees today... (Thanks be to God for air conditioning!) and then it rained last night, lovely humidity to add to the temperature!

What i am wearing today...

Yellow top by Relativity
Orange Skirt by Heart Moon Star
Gold Sandals from Payless Shoe Store

The sandals are actually my sister's and she kindly allowed me to wear them for the photo shoot, since they went so well with the outfit. (She's also the one taking the pictures, so if you like the photos, tell her!)

I chose to wear one of my favorite yellow tops with this gorgeous skirt (it has this awesome gold pattern and then shimmery gold ribbon on the hem), but i've also worn it with a turquoise top as well, with great effect.

Be sure to stop be AmandaBeth Online and check out the other lovely outfits for today!


  1. 100 isn't very nice, is it? I got it too. :-(

  2. Cute color combo! You look bright and summery. :)

  3. I like the pictures (Kathleen?)!!!! :) very nicely done! :D and you look lovely (as usual) Amanda! ;D
    :-* Cor Mariae

  4. No, it's Yaviel who's been taking the photos, though i think i'll let Kathy do some tomorrow.

    Thank you Corry!

  5. Yay- thanks for joining in! I love the color of your skirt - peach is a favorite of mine.


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