June 25, 2009

Fashion Week - Day Five

I love this outfit, so light and spring-y. Of course it's summer now, but who cares? I actually didn't think i would like this blouse when i first got it. It's striped and has a collar - neither of which i care for that much - but when i tried it on i realized that the collar was indeed a very nice collar and the sleeves were slightly puffed and i was sold! (I love puffed sleeves, just like Anne. ;) )
I tied into the spring theme with my yellow and green butterfly earrings that my friend Miss Fishy made for me and the green rhinestone butterfly comb from my grandma.

What i am wearing today...

Yellow and white striped top by L.L. Bean
Green crinkle skirt by Blair
Butterfly earrings by Miss Fishy! =)
Rhinestone comb
Saint Clare/Saint Francis medal necklace
Brown Sandals by Earth Spirit

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